Conservative - Lib Dem coalition

Conservative - Lib Dem coalition

England riots: PM vows to do 'whatever it takes' to stop disorder

DAVID Cameron today promised a range of measures to prevent rioting and street disorder in Britain, including jail sentences, curfews, a crackdown on facemasks and social media bans.

Vince Cable says UK is in 'good position' regarding finance

BUSINESS secretary Vince Cable yesterday claimed that Britain was in "a fairly good position" to get through the global financial crisis because of the tough deficit reduction strategy put in place by the coalition government.

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Camerons relax on their Tuscan holiday

Prime Minister David Cameron and wife Samantha relax over coffee at a pretty Italian cafe on the second day of their holidays.

Vince Cable rejects Tory calls for tax cut

BUSINESS Secretary Vince Cable yesterday dismissed calls for a tax cut to kick-start the stalled economy as "voodoo economics".

News of the World scandal: Cameron promises independent inquiry into phone hacking

A JUDGE-LED inquiry will look into how the News of the World phone hacking scandal was allowed to happen, the Prime Minister announced today.

Nick Clegg urges Britain to play full part in Europe

DEPUTY Prime Minister Nick Clegg will attempt to take the initiative from the eurosceptics on Britain's place in the European Union.

PM warned welfare cuts will make thousands homeless

David Cameron has received a stark warning from within his own administration that the coalition's plans to cut welfare payments risk making 40,000 families homeless.

MPs in move to make Osborne keep his word on rises for low-paid

A LABOUR MP will today attempt to amend the government's Finance Bill to force Chancellor George Osborne to make good on a promise to give the lowest-paid public sector workers a £250 pay rise.

Minister warns cuts will make 40,000 families homeless

DAVID Cameron has been warned by one of his most trusted Cabinet ministers that his welfare policies risk making 40,000 families homeless.

Cameron and Clegg to meet MPs over NHS

David Cameron and Nick Clegg are preparing for a showdown with disgruntled backbenchers about NHS reforms, amid complaints they have been "playing politics" over the package.

North Sea oil tax rise could cost 15,000 jobs - Alex Salmond

THE UK Government's tax hike on the oil and gas sector is likely to lead to the loss of around 15,000 jobs, First Minister Alex Salmond said today.

Archbishop of Canterbury attacks Westminster coalition

THE Archbishop of Canterbury has warned that the Government is committing Britain to fundamental reforms in health and education "for which no one voted".

Michael Moore should engage his brain before talking - Tories

MICHAEL Moore's position as Scottish Secretary is under scrutiny as senior Conservatives questioned his judgment after he suggested there should be two independence referendums.

Defence minister Liam Fox confirms Scotland army plan

THE military footprint in Scotland is to be increased in the government's basing review, to be published this summer. However, the revelation yesterday came as Defence Secretary Liam Fox warned "uncertainty" caused by the prospect of an independence referendum could hit shipbuilding jobs on the Clyde and in Rosyth.

'Carry on cutting' says IMF, in a boost for Chancellor

THE UK government's programme of record cuts to public spending has been endorsed by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) despite continuing concerns over a lack of growth in the economy.

David Bell: 'The markets are content with UK's current strategy'

THE Chancellor has this week rejected a call from a large group of economists to slow down the pace of fiscal retrenchment.

Chancellor's six problems in just one day

Problem 1 Earnings gap widens

George Osborne's Plan A 'putting recovery at risk'

GEORGE Osborne was under pressure to rethink his economic policies after leading economists voiced their fears over the coalition's growth plans.

Vince Cable warns GMB of risk to economy

PRESSUE on the government to change strike laws would increase if planned action by public sector workers at the end of the month hurts the economy, a Cabinet minister will tell union activists today.

Leader: Heroes snubbed as coalition breaks medal promises

The men who served in the Arctic Campaign between 1941 and 1945 demonstrated bravery, fortitude and endurance. Merchant and Royal Navy ships sailed through horrendous conditions under constant air, battleship and submarine attack. This valour, which helped keep our then ally Russia in the war with Germany, played a vital part in the defeat of Nazism.

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