Conservative leader

Conservative leader

England riots: PM vows to do 'whatever it takes' to stop disorder

DAVID Cameron today promised a range of measures to prevent rioting and street disorder in Britain, including jail sentences, curfews, a crackdown on facemasks and social media bans.

Camerons relax on their Tuscan holiday

Prime Minister David Cameron and wife Samantha relax over coffee at a pretty Italian cafe on the second day of their holidays.

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David Cameron tells of life under big brother

David Cameron has admitted that he lived "in the shadow" of his older brother when he was a teenager.

News of the World scandal: Cameron promises independent inquiry into phone hacking

A JUDGE-LED inquiry will look into how the News of the World phone hacking scandal was allowed to happen, the Prime Minister announced today.

PM is branded sexist over 'calm down, dear' jibe

PRIME Minister David Cameron has been described as "petty and patronising" after he refused to apologise for telling a female Labour frontbencher to "calm down, dear."

David Cameron: Scottish Tories 'can do a lot better'

PRIME Minister David Cameron has admitted that the Scottish Conservatives "can do a lot better" as he continued his visit to Scotland today.

Voting reform: Cameron warns UK against 'sleepwalking into AV'

DAVID Cameron today urged voters not to "sleepwalk" into a change of voting system for Westminster elections which would damage Britain's democracy.

David Cameron backs Prince Andrew as UK trade envoy

DOWNING Street today offered support to the Duke of York amid calls for him to resign as UK trade envoy over his relationships with a series of controversial figures, including a convicted paedophile.

Libya: Cameron pledges to get stranded Britons home

DAVID Cameron vowed today that the Government will do "everything we can" to evacuate hundreds of Britons still stranded in chaos-stricken Libya.

David Cameron in Egypt for talks with new regime

DAVID Cameron flew into Cairo today in the first visit by a world leader to Egypt since a popular uprising forced president Hosni Mubarak out of office 10 days ago.

PM recruits Larry the cat to catch the Downing Street rat

THE Prime Minister's latest recruit has been unveiled today - a rat-catching cat.

Anger over Cameron's race stance

DAVID Cameron was facing accusations of stirring "hysteria and paranoia" about Muslims last night after he used a keynote speech to declare an end to "hands-off tolerance" of groups opposing liberal values.

David Cameron: Tolerance on race has failed Britain

PRIME Minister David Cameron will today usher in a new chapter of British race relations when he declares an end to "state multiculturalism" and the beginning of a new "muscular liberalism".

An eye on Holyrood, Cameron vows 'I have not given up on Scotland'

PRIME Minister David Cameron has claimed that his party has not been "sufficiently Scottish or pro-union" to make a comeback north of the Border.

'Full force of law' should be used on violent fees protesters - David Cameron

PRIME Minister David Cameron called today for "the full force of the law" to be used against people who assaulted police or damaged property during yesterday's student demonstrations at Conservative Party HQ.

PM's pledge not to upset Claire Rayner

David Cameron has insisted he would not "upset" the memory of campaigner Claire Rayner, who died on Monday aged 79.

Leader: We'll tak a cup o' kindness yet

IS THERE no end to the austerity misery spreading over Scotland? Now one of the biggest victims of cuts could be our Hogmanay celebrations. Edinburgh has already pruned hard as a result of ticket revenue failing to cover costs last year. Now Oban, Aberdeen, Dundee, Perth and Aviemore are among those going without major parties, while Glasgow and Stirling have joined Edinburgh in the big cuts.

Eddie Barnes: This wasn't a classic but at least PM managed to shrug off pessimist tag

DAVID Cameron has had harder speeches to make before his party conference, notably the famous note-free job-saver of 2007. But he has never had to address his party before as Prime Minister.

David Cameron: 'We'll get through the cuts together'

DAVID Cameron has issued a call to arms to the country to get behind the cuts and take an active part in the Big Society. Describing his party as "the true radicals", he used his first conference speech as Prime Minister to appeal to people to get involved.

David Cameron launches defence of spending cuts in Tory conference speech

DAVID Cameron today used his first speech as Prime Minister at a Conservative Party Conference to defend the upcoming public spending cuts.

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