Conjoined twins

Conjoined twins

Second twin Faith loses her month-long fight for life

CONJOINED twin Faith Will-iams has lost her battle for life, four weeks after she was born, it emerged yesterday.

Father praises 'miracle' operation

SHE was born in a remote Indian village with a rare condition that gave her eight limbs - and her parents were too poor to pay for medical help.

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Twins go home after surgery to be separated

Utah: Twin four-year-old girls who were born fused at the mid-torso have been released from a US hospital, six weeks after separation surgery lasting 26 hours.

Family celebrate as conjoined twins' operation is hailed as a success

DOCTORS in Utah completed 26 hours of separation and reconstruction surgery yesterday on a pair of four-year-old conjoined twins, who will now face medical challenges and separate lives.

Conjoined twins successfully separated in 16-hour operation

DOCTORS in the US have successfully separated four-year-old conjoined twins born with just one kidney and one set of legs.

Conjoined twin babies 'great' after separation

REGINA and Renata Salinas Fierros were "doing great" after doctors separated the ten-month-old conjoined twins and rebuilt their bodies during a day-long operation, a hospital spokeswoman said yesterday.

Mechanical heart plan for Siamese twin

SURGEONS in China who are preparing to separate conjoined twin boys will let one keep their shared heart and give the other an artificial heart, it emerged today.

Twins on mend after successful separation

POLISH conjoined twins were recovering in intensive care yesterday after being separated by a team of 50 Saudi doctors in an 18-hour operation.

Surgeons begin marathon task of removing baby girl's second head

SURGEONS last night began a marathon operation on a seven-week-old girl who was born with two heads, hoping to prevent her from suffering permanent brain damage.

Siamese twins come face to face

SIAMESE twins born joined together at the head have seen each other for the first time since surgery to separate them two weeks ago.

Twin recovery

CONJOINED twins, separated in a 34-hour operation in Dallas by a team of neurosurgeons, are continuing to improve, doctors said yesterday, adding that they could soon be off the critical list.

Egyptian twins conscious and in ongoing recovery

THE twin Egyptian boys separated after being joined at the head have both regained consciousness from and have movement in all of their limbs, doctors said last night.

Separated twins weaned off drugs

DOCTORS in Dallas have begun to wean two-year-old Egyptian twins off drugs being used to keep them in a coma following an operation to separate them.

Greek conjoined twin girls successfully separated

FOUR-month-old conjoined twins girls from Greece have been successfully separated and should be able to live normal lives, doctors said yesterday.

Now the waiting begins for twins

SURGEONS who separated the conjoined twins Ahmed and Mohamed Ibrahim last night said it could be weeks or even months before they knew for certain whether the operation had been a success.

Success as conjoined twins are separated

TWO-YEAR-OLD Egyptian twins joined at the head have been successfully separated by US doctors.

Hopes high for lives of separated twins

THERE was growing optimism last night that the operation to separate two-year-old conjoined twins Ahmed and Mohamed Ibrahim had been successful.

Joined twins in critical condition

TWO-WEEK-OLD Indonesian conjoined twins were in a critical condition today with heart and lung problems, dampening hopes that they could undergo separation surgery.

Conjoined infants successfully separated

A PAIR of infant Korean sisters connected at the lower back were successfully separated yesterday at Singapore’s Raffles Hospital, just two weeks after the hospital’s failed attempt to separate a pair of conjoined Iranian twins.

Surgery a success as joined twins separated

A PAIR of infant Korean sisters connected at the lower back were successfully separated today at Singapore’s Raffles Hospital - just two weeks after the hospital’s failed attempt to separate a pair of conjoined Iranian twins.

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