Computer viruses

Computer viruses

Coming to a screen near you

DO YOU know who is running your computer?

New recruits vital to vigilance

RECENT research from the anti-virus software manufacturer McAfee has revealed that the majority of Scottish companies are leaving themselves wide open to IT security breaches, by failing to cover the issue when briefing new staff.

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Scot among three men arrested over e-mail viruses

A SCOT was arrested yesterday as part of a police operation targeting a gang that allegedly spread viruses in e-mails. Police seized computer equipment in raids in Grampian, Suffolk and Finland.

Ensure employees don't bring viruses back into the workplace

WHAT do Melissa, Lovebug and Code Red have in common? They are viruses spread by e-mail that caused havoc in computer systems at home and in the workplace. These viruses and "worms" were designed to target the greatest number of machines in the fastest, most destructive way.

Time-bomb virus warning

A DESTRUCTIVE time-bomb computer virus is set to detonate today, users are being warned.

Bugs put bite on Britons' pocket

BRITONS spend about £3 billion a year fighting computer viruses.

No phishing

Recently there has been a spate of emails purporting to come from an apparently valid email address confirming your change of password - an example is reproduced below. If you are suspicious of any emails, delete them immediately.

Computer users who spread virus jailed

TWO computer buffs have been jailed after their attempts to create their own secure internet chatroom sparked off a global cyber crime investigation.

Boy who nearly crashed the world

A GERMAN teenager is facing a jail term after admitting yesterday to creating and unleashing the "Sasser" computer virus that crashed systems across the world, wreaking havoc in big businesses and homes.

Internet scam hits 300 a day

UP to 300 internet users a day are being targeted by a computer virus which repeatedly dials expensive premium-rate phone lines.

Cyber-terror attack 'could cripple UK'

BRITAIN could be crippled by a cyber-terrorist attack, a former chair of the Metropolitan Police Authority warned today.

Broadband at greater risk from computer viruses

COMPUTER users who join "broadband Britain" are putting themselves at risk from a range of new viruses.

Industry warned to tackle cyber-crime

INDUSTRY must get to grips with the increasing threat posed by hi-tech crime or face potentially disastrous consequences, according to the director of a leading European technology think-tank.

Time running out in fight for net security

The challenge of increasingly sophisticated worms, viruses and hacking tools has been compounded by the widespread use of broadband on inadequately protected corporate networks. This has resulted in an environment where malicious software can spread across the world at lightning speed.

There's 100,000 of them . . and they're after you

Trojans, worms and viruses are on the warpath across the globe and pose a growing threat to millions of home computers As a new study reveals that the number of malicious computer programs has reached the 100,000 mark for the first time, Adrian Mather looks at the dangers facing us in our own homes and what we can do to ward off an attack

IT row as city pulls the plug on school

A ROW has broken out over a school computer system after it was disconnected from the city-wide schools’ network.

Computer hackers use pop-up virus to steal bank details

HACKERS have found a new method of stealing bank details from home computers.

Warning over internet phone billing scam

INTERNET users are being fleeced by hi-tech swindlers who infect their computers with a virus which makes them repeatedly dial expensive premium-rate phone lines, MPs warned today.

Nearly a third of computers infected

ALMOST one in three computers is infected with spyware, Trojan horses or system monitor programmes, according to a report released by internet provider EarthLink and security software maker Webroot.

Coastguard chiefs failed to act on virus warning

BRITAIN’S coastguard chiefs were warned to take action against a devastating computer virus more than two weeks before it paralysed their networks for six hours on one of the busiest weekend of the year.

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