Comical Ali

Comical Ali

Comical Ali implicated in murder

POLICE in Sweden revealed last night that Iraq’s former information minister may have been involved in the brutal murder of an Iraqi agent in Stockholm 18 years ago.

Comical Ali retakes the stage to say he hopes to go home

AS BAGHDAD collapsed around him, he stood defiant. The Americans and British were imperialists, blood-suckers, losers and fools who would not take the city.

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Comical Ali concedes defeat

MOHAMMED Saeed al-Sahhaf, the Iraqi information minister, has made his television comeback - and finally conceded defeat in the second Gulf war.

Dye is cast as Comical Ali turns up

ONE of the most remarkable figures of the Iraq war has resurfaced for the first time since the collapse of Saddam Hussein's regime.

Comical Ali 'arrested by US soldiers'

SADDAM HUSSEIN’S ridiculed spin doctor, who was dubbed Comical Ali for his bizarre explanation of events during the recent Gulf war, has been arrested, it was reported today.

Ali gee whiz as Iraq's sultan of spin to star in video

GULF War icon Comical Ali is to star in his own video featuring the sultan of spin’s greatest soundbites.

Saddam's information minister stayed loyal to the last

WHEN it came to the crunch, Mohammed Said al-Sahhaf ducked out by the back door, with a scarf around his head replacing his famous black beret.

Son's fears for fate of information minister

THE nearest Osama al-Sahhaf can get to his infamous father - if he is alive - is a talking doll, which screams: "NO! I am not scared!" and costs $35.95 plus postage from the villain action series at

Regime's spin doctor committed suicide, claims Iran

MOHAMMED al-Sahhaf has made his last exaggerated utterance, according to reports from Iran that claim "Comical Ali" has committed suicide.

Lazy guide to net culture: Comical Ali

If you want to appear like you’re at the cutting edge of net culture but can’t be bothered to spend hours online, then never fear.’s pathetic team of geeks, freaks and gimps will do the hard work for you. While you sip wine, read a book or engage in normal social interaction, they will burn out their retinas staring at badly designed web pages and dodge creeps in chatrooms to prepare for you:’s lazy guide to net culture.

Iraqi ministers admit the 'game is over'

TWO of the key figures in the Iraqi regime yesterday appeared to have accepted that it was all over for Saddam Hussein.

Spinning quietly in a world of its own, the al-Sahhaf show goes on

ON THE roof of the Palestine Hotel, Mohammed al-Sahhaf was still living in an orbit of his own yesterday and spinning his peculiarly personal view on the progress of the war.

The master of smoke and mirrors has an interesting line in insults

MOHAMMED Saeed al-Sahhaf’s defiant words were drowned out by rattling small arms fire and tanks rumbling into Baghdad.

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