Deadly gold rush consumes Colombia

OFFICERS pored over intelligence reports describing the movements of two warlords with private armies. Then the helicopters lifted off at dawn, carrying an elite squad armed with assault rifles to the newest front in Colombia's long war: gold mines.

Drug lord 'The Knife' meets his violent end by the gun

Authorities have found the body of one of Colombia's most brutal drug lords, who escaped from a police ambush but died of his wounds in the jungle, and whose death leaves a vacuum in the criminal underworld that others will scramble to fill.

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Top guerrilla leader killed in Colombia

The leading general of Colombia's leftwing guerrillas has been killed, the country's president has announced.

Hugo Chavez 'ready for war with Colombia'

VENEZUELAN president Hugo Chavez yesterday said he has deployed troops and air units in case of a conflict with neighbouring Colombia.

Woman hurls shoe in protest at Little Uribe

AN ASPIRING Colombian presidential candidate has had a sandal tossed at him in an incident reminiscent of a protest against George W Bush in Iraq.

Colombian president is barred from vote

COLOMBIAN president Alvaro Uribe has been blocked by a court from running for re-election.

War on drugs hit by rebel peace deal

TWO once-bitter enemies in Colombia have stopped their war and teamed up in the interests of the drugs trade, flooding Venezuela with cocaine that finds its way to Europe and the UK.

Venezuela ratchets up tension with Colombia

VENEZUELA and Colombia yesterday traded more insults as their simmering border dispute heightened again.


TWO bombs being carried by donkeys exploded in north-eastern Colombia, killing two coca-eradication workers and wounding six soldiers.

Betancourt was arrogant and put lives in danger, claims US hostage

INGRID Betancourt, the politician held hostage by Farc rebels in the Colombian jungle for more than five years, has been attacked for her behaviour during captivity by a fellow prisoner.

Betancourt writes of hostage years

FREED hostage Ingrid Betancourt is to write a play about her six years of captivity in the Colombian jungle.

Ingrid Betancourt: 'This must be how paradise feels'

COLOMBIA'S most famous hostage was reunited with her children yesterday, their first meeting in almost six-and-a-half years. But even amid the emotion, Ingrid Betancourt was the consummate politician, planning to secure the release of the remaining prisoners in guerrilla hands.

Spies trick guerrillas into freeing politician held hostage for 6 years

INGRID Betancourt, the politician held for six years by Colombian rebels, was freed last night alongside 14 hostages.

Farc rebel offers to free jungle hostages

A COLOMBIAN Farc rebel has offered to release French-Colombian hostage Íngrid Betancourt and other captives in exchange for protection from extradition.

Colombian earthquake leaves 11 dead, triggering landslides and cutting water supply

AN earthquake rocked Colombia yesterday, killing at least 11 people, damaging scores of homes and triggering landslides.

'World's oldest guerrilla' dies of heart attack at 78

COLOMBIA'S defence ministry yesterday announced that the enemy it has battled for 44 years is finally dead.

Drug 'overlord' extradited to US

COLOMBIA extradited Carlos "Macaco" Jimenez to the US yesterday, the first time the government has sent a former paramilitary boss to face US justice for drug trafficking.

Son demands freedom for Farc hostage said to be facing death

HIGH-PROFILE Colombian hostage Ingrid Betancourt needs urgent medical treatment, including a blood transfusion within hours, to stay alive, her son declared yesterday.

Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador end talk of war

SOUTH America moved away from talk of war as the presidents of Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador agreed to end a bitter dispute triggered by a Colombian cross-border raid with testy handshakes and an apology.

Bush backs Colombia as fear of Latin American war looms

COLOMBIA last night won the backing of George Bush, the US president, despite escalating the region's crisis by accusing neighbouring Venezuela of genocide.

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