Cloning & stem cell research

Cloning & stem cell research

Treatment hope after cloning breakthrough

Scientists have made a key step forward in being able to produce stem cells from a cloned human embryo to help in research and the creation of new personalised treatments for patients.

Scottish researchers hopes for stem cell trials

RESEARCHERS in Scotland have been among those working to harness stem cells in the hope of creating a supply of synthetic blood for use in hospitals.

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Scientists discover stem cell capable of regenerating blood

SCIENTISTS have made a key breakthrough in their search for treatments of the future - the discovery of a stem cell capable of regenerating blood.

£3,000 to store your cells - but they're no use just now

A SCOTTISH company has launched a new service offering people the chance to store their cells for use in future treatments for illnesses such as Alzheimer's, diabetes and multiple sclerosis.

Milk and meat from offspring of clones 'safe enough to go on sale unlabelled'

MEAT and milk from the offspring of cloned animals could be put on sale in British shops without distinguishing labels, after ministers judged it would be "disproportionate" to impose restrictions.

Scientists hail 'extraordinary' breakthrough on stem cells

Scientists have identified and isolated adult mammary stem cells in mice for the first time, in a breakthrough that could lead to cancer victims being able to grow back breast tissue, writes Angus Howarth.

Farmer wants to sell clone milk as specialty

A DAIRY farmer at the centre of a controversy over a cloned cow has described how he would like to sell milk from its descendants as a premium product.

Clone farmer has 'European offers'

THE Scottish dairy farmer at the centre of a cloning row says he has had offers from European farmers who could buy the cattle and then export the meat back to the UK.

Clone on the range: Is food from cloned animals already on our shelves, and if so, does it matter?

On Newmeadow Farm near Nairn in Invernesshire, the Innes family is in a state of shock. For the past week, Calum and his son Steven have been at the eye of a storm over the cloning of animals, which has damaged their reputation and may leave them hundreds of thousands of pounds out of pocket.

Groundbreaking stem-cell surgery for British teenager

A BRITISH teenager has undergone a groundbreaking operation using stem cells to regenerate her cancerous windpipe.

Blow to hopes over stem cells

NEW methods to create stem cells for research and treatment may not be as effective as previously thought, a study suggests.

Doctor 'wrongly used stem cells'

DESPERATE multiple sclerosis sufferers were administered an alleged stem cell therapy treatment in a "wholly illegitimate, misleading and dishonest" way by a doctor, a disciplinary hearing was told yesterday.

Scottish scientists grow liver cells from skin in search for new drugs

A MAJOR stem-cell breakthrough by Scottish scientists could revolutionise the development of new treatments for liver disease.

Dying patient saved with his own stem cells and mechanical heart

A DYING heart patient has been saved after he was given an artificial heart and injected with his own stem cells, a British surgeon said yesterday.

Consent row as human cells used for hybrid embryo clones

TENS of thousands of Scots might be donating cells for research to create cloned animal-human embryos without their consent, an ethics campaigner has warned.

Stem cells discovery offers hope to the blind

SCIENTISTS have transformed human skin cells into early versions of the eye cells that generate vision.

Stem cells offers hope in battle against motor neurone disease

NEURODEGENERATIVE diseases represent one of the major public health burdens of our time.

Lab sperm 'could defeat infertility'

SPERM have for the first time been created in a laboratory, using stem cells. Experts said that the breakthrough – by British scientists – could have "monumental" consequences for infertile men.

Plea to Brown for stem-cell research millions

PRIME Minister Gordon Brown has been urged to guarantee millions of pounds for research into stem-cell therapies for multiple sclerosis.

Stem cell treatment for blindness begun

A BLIND British boy flown to China for stem-cell therapy in a bid to improve his sight has started the treatment, his grandfather said last night.

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