Climate change

Climate change

Durban climate blog - Day 11

We’re heading into the final 24 hours of the climate talks in Durban, and so far we’ve seen a lot of very technical discussion, and not a lot of finalised agreements.


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Durban climate blog - Day 10

We woke to news that overnight Brazil’s Senate had decided to pursue short-term gains over long-term security in a vote to do away with long standing protections for the Amazon and other key forested areas.

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Durban climate blog - Day 8

Ministers have now started to arrive and everyone is hoping negotiations can really begin to move forward now. They certainly need to.

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Durban climate blog - days 6 and 7

As the first week of climate negotiations drew to a close, Saturday saw people from across Africa and beyond march through the streets of Durban to demand progress on a fair, ambitious and legally binding global climate deal.


Durban climate blog - day 4

Today began and ended with pizza.


Ticking clock

THE door is closing on securing a shift to clean energy, leaving the world facing “irreversible and potentially catastrophic climate change”, the International Energy Agency has warned.

CO2 emissions from Scottish industry rise despite vow to go green

Carbon dioxide emissions from industry in Scotland rose by more than 7 per cent last year, according to latest figures from the government’s environment watchdog.


Analysis: Plain truth is carbon dioxide is forever

ABOUT 55 million years ago or thereabouts the Earth warmed rather suddenly and people are beginning to think that this might tell us something about how the world might respond to all the carbon dioxide we now insist on putting in the atmosphere.

World will recover from warming faster than first thought . . . only 40,000 years

THE Earth may be able to recover from global warming faster than previously thought, according to new research by American scientists.

Experts fear thaw threat to ancient treasures

Climate change is damaging archaeological treasures which have been frozen for thousands of years, according to Scottish scientists.

Islanders fear climate change

THE devastating storms that wreaked havoc in the Western Isles in 2005 could become more frequent due to climate change, a new study has suggested.

Prince attacks climate sceptics

THE Prince of Wales warned yesterday against the pursuit of economic growth at the expense of the environment - and condemned climate change sceptics for their "corrosive" impact on public opinion.

Strawberry fields forever? Not if climate gets too warm, say experts

STRAWBERRY growers in Scotland claim they could benefit from the effects of climate change - bringing longer seasons, more sales and less competition from regions south of the border. But the warmer weather will also allow diseases to thrive, experts have warned.

Letter: Climate science

Dr Gordon Cochrane (Letters, 31 January) presents a very confused dismissal of the scientific evidence relating to climate change.

Disasters 'evidence of climate change'

REINSURANCE giant Munich Re has calculated that extreme natural catastrophes in 2010, including severe earthquakes, floods and heat waves, led to the sixth-highest total of insurers' losses since 1980 and showed evidence of climate change.

Climate deal done in talks at Cancun

MORE than 190 countries have struck an agreement at the latest round of UN climate talks that puts efforts to secure a new international deal to tackle global warming back on track.

Chris Huhne hope and caution as climate deal nears

Climate Change Secretary Chris Huhne said he was optimistic of achieving agreement at the latest round of United Nations climate talks, as the negotiations entered their final hours last night.

World leaders urged to 'stop arguing' at crucial summit by Scottish scientist

A SCOTTISH scientist has called on the world leaders meeting in Cancun this week to "stop arguing" about the science of climate change.

Hugo Chavez: Climate change 'due to criminal capitalism'

President Hugo Chavez has blamed "criminal" capitalism for global climate phenomena, including incessant rains that have brought chaos to Venezuela, killing 32 people and leaving 70,000 homeless.

Climate chage: 'Locals know how best to adapt'

A FORMER crofter from the Hebrides is returning from Mexico today after taking part in an international discussion on climate change.

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