CIA 'torture flights'

CIA 'torture flights'

World of pain shames Obama

JACK Bauer would surely have approved. The fictional tough-guy agent from hit TV series 24 was notoriously robust in his interrogation of suspects who he felt were a clear and present danger to US national security.

Bush vetoes bill to stop CIA using torture

US PRESIDENT George Bush has vetoed legislation that would have banned the CIA from using harsh interrogation methods to break suspected terrorists.

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US admits using UK base for rendition flights

BRITAIN'S relations with the United States suffered a damaging blow yesterday as the government was forced to admit that two US "rendition" flights transporting terrorist suspects had landed in UK territory.

US refuses to review case of 'tortured' German man

A GERMAN citizen who says he was kidnapped, imprisoned and tortured overseas by the CIA lost his appeal yesterday when the US Supreme Court refused to review a decision dismissing the case because it would expose state secrets.

'Torture flight' in city landing claim

A CIA "torture flight" aeroplane which regularly visited Guantanamo Bay landed at Edinburgh Airport on its way from Afghanistan to the United States, according to a new report.

CIA torturers passed through Scotland on rendition flights, says rights group

CIA "torturers" have been flown to the Middle East through Scotland as part of the United States' controversial rendition flights programme, ministers will be told today.

No evidence of rendition flights at Prestwick

NO EVIDENCE has been found to support claims that Prestwick Airport was used for CIA-sponsored "torture flights", according to a Westminster committee.

Move in 'torture flights' row

A LABOUR peer yesterday gave the Scottish Executive details of an inquiry being carried out into alleged secret rendition flights.

'Torture flight' probe under way, Foulkes tells Salmond

A LABOUR peer today gave the Scottish Executive details of a probe being carried out into alleged secret rendition flights.

CIA 'torture flights' claims to be studied by ministers

MINISTERS have pledged to look into evidence that Scottish airports have been used by CIA "rendition flights".

Police accused of 'spin' over CIA torture flights

BRITISH police have been accused of "spin" after claiming the UK did not allow CIA 'torture flights' to use its airports to take terror suspects across Europe.

UK airports 'were not used for CIA torture flights'

BRITAIN did not allow CIA "torture flights" to use its airports to take terror suspects out of Europe, police chiefs have said.

CIA agents' kidnap trial starts in Italy

TWENTY-SIX US citizens, almost all believed to be CIA agents, went on trial in their absence yesterday, accused of kidnapping a Muslim cleric in Milan and flying him to Egypt.

Police say UK airports are not guilty of 'rendition'

A POLICE investigation has found no evidence that UK airports have been used to move CIA detainees facing torture.

'Torture flights' demo

DEMONSTRATORS will be outside the parliament tomorrow to protest against CIA "torture flights".

CIA on trial as Italy brings charges over torture flights

ITALY will hold the first criminal trial over the United States Central Intelligence Agency's "extraordinary rendition" programme after a judge yesterday indicted 26 Americans and five Italians for the kidnapping of an Egyptian cleric.

Demand for scrutiny of Scotland's role in 'torture flight' stopovers

HUMAN rights groups yesterday called for an investigation into Scotland's involvement in "torture flights" after the European Parliament condemned the use of UK airports in the alleged transport of United States prisoners of war.

CIA agents face rendition charges

AFTER a two-year investigation, Italian prosecutors yesterday asked a judge to order a number of CIA agents and Italian spies to stand trial on charges of kidnapping a Muslim cleric and terrorism suspect in Milan and flying him to Egypt, where he says he was tortured.

UK rapped for turning blind eye to 'torture' flights by CIA

THE government has been given a stinging rebuke by the European Parliament over its failure to aid an investigation into the CIA's transportation of terrorist suspects and their alleged torture in secret jails in Europe.

A diplomatic response

THE former British ambassador to Uzbekistan, Craig Murray, will be among the panel at the city screening of a new documentary.

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