Christmas Credit Crunch tips

Christmas Credit Crunch tips

Hard times call for haggling, but will struggling shops buy our chat?

IT'S the most wonderful time of the year… to haggle – or so we have been told.

Girls may have been swapping clothes since time began, but now it's the thing: and the best news is it saves money as well as the planet

SO THERE I was at my friend's wedding, looking stunning in a one-shouldered red jacquard dress, but unable to fully appreciate all the compliments that were coming my way.

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Fab and thrifty

SO YOU'VE bought all your presents from charity shops, you're having pie and beans for Christmas dinner and you've decorated a lamp instead of a tree. Welcome to the credit-crunch Christmas. However, you may be forgetting one crucial thing, one festive commitment that sucks cash out of your account faster than a banker leaving his former workplace with his earthly possessions in a cardboard box: the Christmas party circuit.

How to credit-crunch your Christmas

THIS is the season of goodwill, credit crunch or no credit crunch. An economic downturn is no excuse for making no-present pacts with your nearest and dearest: that's just stingy. What the crunch does call for is some imaginative thinking: heavens, even David Cameron has been to Woolworths (while he still can), to pick up some bargains for his children.

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