Children's Diet

Children's Diet

Calls to tighten rules over junk food adverts

CAMPAIGNERS have called for tighter restrictions on the advertising of junk food to children after a review found new rules have not proved as successful as hoped.

What every parent knew - school meals healthier than the chippie

CHILDREN who eat school meals are healthier than those who buy lunch out, regardless of what else they eat during the day, a new study has found.

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Paninis and baguettes on school dinner menu

EDUCATION leaders must take an "innovative" approach in order to increase the number of pupils choosing school meals, the children's minister said yesterday.

Meaty diet may spark early puberty in girls, says study

A DIET high in meat may lead to early puberty in girls, a new study suggests.

Something to smile about – children's teeth best on record

THE teeth of Scotland's primary school children are healthier than ever before, with almost two-thirds of 11-year-olds showing no signs of dental decay.

Healthy diet helps fight asthma

CHILDREN who eat a "Mediterranean" diet – one rich in fruit, vegetables and fish – have a lower risk of asthma and wheezing, according to experts.

Childish knowlege of food worries adults

EIGHT out of ten UK adults are concerned that children do not know enough about how our food grows or where it comes from, according to research.

Home-grown approach to making kids eat greens

MANY children would rather eat home-grown fruit and vegetables than those bought from a supermarket – and almost three-quarters want space to grow their own, a poll has found.

Coco Pops advert cleared by watchdog

A POSTER encouraging children to eat Kellogg's Coco Pops as an after-school snack did not break any rules, the Advertising Standards Authority has decided.

Just one council out of 32 will deliver on free meals pledge

JUST one council in Scotland will deliver the Scottish Government pledge to introduce free school meals for P1-3 pupils in August.

Children 'eat 5½lbs of chocolate at Easter'

CHILDREN aged between ten and 14 will eat an average of 2½kg, or 5½lbs, of chocolate over the Easter holiday – taking in nearly 13,000 calories and 650 grams of fat.

Please Miss, can I have a sweetie for doing well? No, they're banned now

A PRIMARY head teacher was yesterday accused of "a nanny state mentality" after she slapped a blanket ban on children receiving sweets as a reward for good behaviour.

Oliver cooks up new school food lessons

JAMIE Oliver has created his own school cooking course in a fresh attempt to improve the health of the nation's teenagers.

The girl that sweets could kill

IT MIGHT come as a blessing for some parents and a nightmare for others – having to ban your child from junk food to prevent them eating themselves to death.

Half of girls skip breakfast, risking their health and harming school performance

GIRLS are more likely to skip breakfast than boys, according to a survey of more than 6,000 children across Scotland.

Rickets on rise as children stay indoors

CHANGING lifestyles among children is leading to a Vitamin D deficiency and a rise in cases of rickets, medical experts say.

Only one in 100 children's packed lunches is as healthy as school meals

JUST one in 100 packed lunches made for children meets nutritional standards set for school meals, research shows.

School meal trade-off causes 'deep concern'

CHURCHES, unions and campaigners have written to Scotland's education minister expressing "deep concern" over the future of universal free school lunches for primary 1 to 3 pupils.

Dieting by teenage girls could cause damage to their bones

TEENAGE girls dieting to reach "size zero" may be putting their bones at risk

MSPs to study sweets law after pupils reveal sour effect

MSPs have agreed a law banning school shops from selling sweets needs to be reviewed after pupils told them it had forced them to close their fair trade 'tuck shop'.

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