Charles Kennedy's health

Charles Kennedy's health

Kennedy adds to Campbell's woes

CHARLES Kennedy has waded into the row over Sir Menzies Campbell's leadership of the Liberal Democrats, insisting the party faced no greater challenges than when he was at the helm.

Kennedy tells city audience his health is now 'good'

FORMER UK Liberal Democrat leader Charles Kennedy, who quit last year over a drink problem, today told an Edinburgh audience his health was "good".

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Kennedy caught smoking on train

FORMER Liberal Democrat leader Charles Kennedy was "spoken to" by police after he was spotted smoking out of a train window, sources said.

Charles Kennedy makes extra £120,000 after sack

CHARLES Kennedy has raked in up to £120,000 on top of his MP's salary in the last year, proving that returning to the back-benches is often the most lucrative career move for a politician.

Kennedy's no-show raises fears over health

CHARLES Kennedy, the former Liberal Democrat leader, raised fresh fears over his health yesterday when he missed a key meeting, hours after having to pull out of hosting an awards ceremony.

'Young Turks' in bid to call time on Charlie's return

THE news last week that Charlie Kennedy had an alcohol problem before he became Lib Dem leader would not surprise those at Westminster who would consider being a drunk a prerequisite for running his rabble of a party.

Campbell invites Kennedy back into fold of Lib Dems' front bench

FORMER Liberal Democrat leader Charles Kennedy has been given an open invitation to rejoin the party's front bench by his replacement, Sir Menzies Campbell.

Sudden detox too little too late for colleagues

COLLEAGUES fed up with having to cover up for their leader's battle with booze have laid bare the true extent of Charles Kennedy's alcohol problem.

Kennedy quits: shattered Lib dems look to Campbell

A SHELLSHOCKED Liberal Democrat Party was last night rallying behind Sir Menzies Campbell to lead them out of crisis after the dramatic resignation of Charles Kennedy over his drink problem.

Kennedy steps down as Lib Dem leader

CHARLES Kennedy, bearing the weight of growing pressure from within his party, today stepped down as leader of the Liberal Democrats.

Chatshow Charlie discovers that MPs have news for him

CHARLES Kennedy's lingering political death is vivid proof that in politics your greatest strength can quickly become your greatest weakness. But despite his predicament, Mr Kennedy, still only 46, can claim to have been the most successful leader the Liberal Democrats, or their predecessor parties, have had in nearly a century.

It's all over, 33 Lib Dem MPs tell Kennedy

CHARLES Kennedy's credibility as the Liberal Democrat leader was torn apart by his colleagues yesterday when more than half of the party's MPs said he must resign and front-benchers threatened a mass walkout if he failed to step down.

'Blonde assassin' who was behind Kennedy downfall

IF ANYONE knew enough about Charles Kennedy to "out" his secret demons, it would be Daisy McAndrew, 33, his former spin doctor, who is now ITV's chief political correspondent.

'I am not in denial ... my head is firmly screwed on'

CHARLES Kennedy last night insisted he was not in denial about his political situation and vowed he would not stand down after the weekend.

How alcohol has well oiled the machinery of government

CHARLES Kennedy is not the first politician to have a problem with alcohol, but he is the first to admit it and to get help while being leader of his party.

The letter - and those who gave backing to it

THIS is the statement issued by Liberal Democrat MPs Ed Davey and Sarah Teather, titled: "25 Lib Dem MPs who asked Charles Kennedy to reconsider his position."

Under-fire Kennedy pledges to drink less and fight on

CHARLES Kennedy yesterday responded to growing doubts about his leadership of the Liberal Democrats by promising to drink less.

Taxi for Kennedy?

In a frame on the wall in the hallway beneath the stairs where I wait to be summoned into Charles Kennedy’s office, there hangs an old drawing, in which a bearded man is bearing down on a gentleman in a top hat. His body is coiled in passion, and the man in the hat is shrinking slightly under the assault. The cartoon has no punchline. Instead, it has a title: A Difficult Point.

Lib Dem leader's future in doubt

CHARLES Kennedy’s future was once again clouded by uncertainty last night, amid reports that the Liberal Democrat leader was considering giving up his job after the General Election next year.

Kennedy: I'm fit, healthy and all ready for the fray

CHARLES Kennedy, the Liberal Democrat leader, has said he had put recent health problems behind him and was "ready for the fray".

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