Channel Tunnel

Channel Tunnel

£2.1bn deal for Chunnel rail link

A CANADIAN consortium has won the right to operate the 68-mile London to Folkestone High Speed 1 Channel Tunnel rail link - on which Eurostar trains can travel at 186mph.

Channel Tunnel is a vehicle for growth in passenger numbers

A RECORD number of passenger vehicles were carried through the Channel Tunnel during August, driving strong growth in revenues at Eurotunnel in the last quarter.

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Eurotunnel fire still a blight on operators two years on

DELAYED insurance payouts from a major blaze in the Channel Tunnel two years ago could keep the company that runs shuttle trains though it in the red this year.

Profits collapse as fire, snow and recession derail Eurotunnel

PROFITS at Channel Tunnel operator Eurotunnel collapsed last year after it was hit by a fire and bad weather.

Eurostar train stranded in Channel Tunnel

A Eurostar train was delayed in the Channel Tunnel today, just weeks after thousands of passengers were stranded after a number of trains broke down inside the cross-country link.

Eurostar sees fall in passenger numbers

Channel Tunnel high-speed train company Eurostar today reported a 6% dip in passengers in the first part of this year.

After 20 years of debt and chaos, Eurotunnel pays divi

MORE than 20 years after its flotation, Eurotunnel, which manages the train lines under the English Channel, is set to pay its maiden dividend.

Channel Tunnel back to normal in February

THE complete reopening of the Channel Tunnel after last month's serious fire is scheduled for mid-February next year.

Channel Tunnel reopens with a limited service

THE Channel Tunnel was to reopen today after a 16-hour fire raged inside the rail link between Britain and France.

Channel Tunnel fire extinguished, but thousands still stranded

THE fire in the Channel Tunnel has been put out after burning for more than 16 hours, French police said today.

Channel Tunnel fire strands thousands

THOUSANDS of people were stranded last night after a fire raged in the Channel Tunnel, severing all rail services between Britain and France.

Channel Tunnel closed after freight blaze

A fire on a freight train forced the closure of the undersea Channel Tunnel on Thursday, halting all rail traffic, including passenger services, between Britain and continental Europe, the tunnel operator said.

Eurostar sets new record

EUROSTAR set another rail record yesterday, travelling from Brussels to London in one hour and 43 minutes.

Chunnel trains aim to attract more Scots

EUROSTAR yesterday predicted the number of Scottish passengers using its trains would triple over the next five years but admitted measures to attract more foreign rail passengers to Scotland had yet to be devised.

Ethical decisions must be taken in pursuit of stories

THE days of newspapers simply reporting the news that is given to them have been over for years. Newsdesks have to be proactive, now even more so given the intense competition among news sources. Reporters have actively to seek out information. There are many ways this can be done, from cultivating contacts to analysing information to putting two and two together and making the right phone calls, or simply going out and looking. But there are ethical judgments to be made.

Eurotunnel back on track after power restored to services

EUROTUNNEL services are expected to return to normal today after a power cut left up to 500 passengers stranded in the Channel Tunnel.

Eurotunnel 'winning environmental battle'

EUROTUNNEL claims to have won the battle for environmentally conscious cross-Channel travellers after seeing passenger numbers rise to nearly a million since the start of the year.

Eurotunnel shares slide

EUROTUNNEL'S new shares have lost half their value this week, prompting fears that the arduous and painful restructuring of its enormous debts has been a failure.

Tunnel shares slide

NEWLY issued shares in Channel tunnel rail operator Groupe Eurotunnel (GET) have fallen by more than 40 per cent on their first day of trading in Paris. Existing Eurotunnel shares were swapped for shares in the newly created Groupe Eurotunnel after the firm agreed a deal with its creditors to cut its debt. But analysts set a target price for the new GET shares well below the level at which they were issued.

Fans miss Six Nations game as Eurostar shut

THOUSANDS of Scottish rugby fans missed the national team's final Six Nations game in Paris yesterday after Eurostar cancelled services to the continent.

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