Channel 4

Channel 4

C4 film denying global warming under fire

A CONTROVERSIAL Channel 4 documentary that claimed global warming was not happening has come under fresh attack with a point-by-point rebuttal of some of its key claims being sent to Ofcom, the television regulator.

And they're off - C4 axes racing phone-in

CHANNEL 4 yesterday suspended phone-in competitions during its Cheltenham Week horseracing coverage after it emerged that callers had continued to ring a premium-rate line after a contest had closed.

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Charles's fury at TV documentary's 'meddling prince' allegations

PRINCE Charles is embroiled in a furious dispute with Channel 4 bosses over a documentary which questions whether he is fit to become King.

University chiefs to reconsider place for TV race row student

UNIVERSITY chiefs are considering withdrawing the offer of a place to the Edinburgh student at the centre of a reality TV race row.

Mum says reality TV daughter who backs slavery 'is no racist'

THE mother of an Edinburgh student who sparked a new Channel 4 scandal after calling for the return of slavery has denied that the teenager is racist.

C4 on demand via internet

CHANNEL 4 viewers can now catch up with their favourite programmes by downloading them from the internet.

BT calls in Channel 4 for TV deal

BT HAS announced a deal with Channel 4 to make the broadcaster's programming available on-demand on its new TV service, BT Vision.

Founding chief laments decline of 'sex-obsessed' C4

CHANNEL 4 has an "obsession" with sex and bad behaviour, according to the broadcaster's founding chief executive.

Channel 4's (slightly) different mix

THE first chief executive of Channel 4, Sir Jeremy Isaacs, has accused his old company of broadcasting too much sex and too many low-life themes in a bid to attract viewers in this competitive, multi-channel age. Sir Jeremy may have a point, but his memory is also playing tricks on him. When C4 was launched back in November 1982, it instantly attracted criticism for being ... obsessed with sex and low life.

Channel 4 to air crash-diet show

A TV show will challenge women to crash-diet to a "size zero", the US size equal to a British four.

Channel 4's boss open to going private

THE chairman of Channel 4 said today he was keeping an open mind on a possible privatisation, putting him at odds with the state-owned station's official policy.

Channel 4 accused of producing 'dumb TV'

CHARLES Allen, ITV's outgoing chief executive, has attacked state-owned rival Channel 4 - accusing it of providing a dumbed-down schedule based on quiz shows and reality programmes.

C4 outguns ITV in fight for younger viewers

INCREASING numbers of young viewers are defecting from ITV to Channel 4, as a string of lacklustre reality shows and high-profile flops such as Love Island fail to grab their attention.

Both ITV and C4 'ignore world'

ITV and Channel 4 ignore the world outside the UK, said a report today.

C4 launches radio service as it targets BBC audience

CHANNEL 4 launched its first radio service yesterday with programmes based on popular TV shows such as Big Brother and Richard and Judy.

The Countdown King aged just 14

A 14-YEAR-OLD schoolboy has become the youngest-ever champion on popular TV show Countdown - after amazing viewers and experts with his prowess for solving word and number puzzles.

Desperate Housewives help Channel Four clean up with £48m in profits

CHANNEL Four was last night celebrating record profits after tax of £48.5 million, an increase of 9 per cent, after a slew of successful shows from Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares to the US drama Desperate Housewives allowed the station to hold on to both advertisers and audiences.

Channel 4 chooses Mull for £2m public arts project

THE Isle of Mull is to feature in a £2 million television project to create a public art work for the community. As part of Channel 4's "Big Art Project" - described by the station as the most ambitious public arts commissioning programme ever undertaken in the UK - the island community will work with artists to create a unique public art work.

Singer Church lined up for chatshow

Singer Charlotte Church is being lined up as the chat-show queen of Channel 4, with her own Friday night programme.

TV gallows stunt gone wrong leads to investigation

CHANNEL 4 is facing investigation over a stunt in which a man was hanged from a gallows on live TV earlier this week.

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