Celebrity fathers

Celebrity fathers

Cameron: fatherhood is my top job

CONSERVATIVE leader David Cameron has said that his family is more important to him than becoming prime minister.

Poorer dads lose out on time with new babies

MOST fathers now take two weeks' leave after their child is born, but those on low pay still face barriers to spending time with their children, according to a new report.

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Let's make this the year of living dangerously for dads

FATHER'S Day this year comes enhanced with its own literary canon. The Dangerous Book For Boys is the phenomenon of the publishing world that has rocketed to best-seller status. Since it came out last month it has shot to number five in Amazon's UK top 100 list, its sales increasing 700% last week alone.

Cool-dude dads? On your bike

AGE is a terrible thing. If you don't believe me, ask my nine-year-old son. Every sinew in his little body is strained waiting for the glorious moment in just a few short weeks when he will turn ten. According to him, it just can't come quickly enough. Ten is an age of opportunity. Ten means bedtime moves a little later.

Jagger visits Brazilian son after record concert

MICK JAGGER visited his Brazilian son Lucas at school in Sao Paulo, eyewitnesses said, days after the Rolling Stones performed a free concert for more than a million fans on Copacabana beach.

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