Carla-Nicole Bone murder

Carla-Nicole Bone murder

Mother guilty of neglect avoids jail

A MOTHER involved in a notorious child-killing case was given an 18-month sentence yesterday, but avoided a return to jail.

Mother jailed over murder of her child wins appeal

A MOTHER who sat and watched as her boyfriend murdered her child won an appeal yesterday against a historic conviction for culpable homicide.

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Woman bids to overturn conviction on baby's death

A WOMAN who failed to protect her murdered child began an appeal yesterday against a conviction for culpable homicide.

Appeal for mother who watched baby murdered

A MOTHER who watched as her baby was murdered will have her appeal against her sentence heard in September.

The rules of evidence must change to ensure child killers are convicted

BOTH John Gray and Carla Nicole Bone were born in Scotland. They also had in common the same short, brutally painful lives, which shame us all.

Judges delay baby-death decision

A WOMAN is making a fresh attempt to be freed from jail pending an appeal against her conviction for failing to protect her murdered child.

Baby-death mother gives up child

A MOTHER sentenced to three and a half years in prison for the culpable homicide of her daughter has given up her second daughter for adoption.

Baby murder leads to child safety rethink

ABERDEENSHIRE councillors are today expected to back proposals for a radical overhaul of the authority’s child protection services, following the murder of baby Carla Nicole Bone.

Mother who smoked as baby was killed walks free on bail

A MOTHER convicted of doing nothing to prevent the murder of her child is to be freed from jail, after agreeing to keep her background secret from other residents in a bail hostel.

Child's murder could not be predicted

CARLA-Nicole Bone, the child who was murdered by her mother’s boyfriend, slipped through the care net because her case continued to "bubble under" the threshold for formal child protection intervention, Aberdeen councillors were told yesterday.

Bone must wait for bail decision

A MOTHER jailed for failing to stop her boyfriend murdering her baby must wait to discover if she will be freed pending an appeal, after judges yesterday delayed a final decision on bail for two weeks.

Family's anger at baby-death report

THE family of murdered infant Carla-Nicole Bone last night condemned as a "whitewash" a report clearing care workers of any blame for her death.

Custody fight over jailed killer's child

A YOUNG woman convicted of killing her baby will celebrate her 21st birthday behind bars today amid a bitter custody battle over the future of her second child.

Suicide watch for baby killer

CONVICTED baby killer Alexander McClure was on suicide watch last night after being viciously attacked in prison.

Life sentence for baby killer

A man who killed a 13-month-old baby girl after subjecting her to a five-month ordeal of physical abuse was today jailed for life, with a recommendation that he serve a minimum of 13 years.

Mother guilty of failing to stop murder

ANDREA Bone broke down in tears yesterday, clutching a pendant containing a picture of her murdered daughter to her lips - as she was convicted of killing the little girl by doing nothing as she was beaten to death.

Accused ‘sorry’ over girl’s death

A MAN accused of murdering a baby girl said he was sorry when police told him she had died, a jury heard yesterday.

Look that signalled baby’s anguish

A FARMER told yesterday how a small child looked him "straight in the eye" in a poignant plea for help, two weeks before she was allegedly murdered after suffering months of abuse at the hands of her mother and her boyfriend.

Baby’s mother faces ‘killing without harming’ charge

A YOUNG mother sobbed as she went on trial yesterday faced with the "extremely unusual" charge of murdering her 13-month-old daughter without harming her.

Wedding won’t affect murder trial

A YOUNG mother accused of murdering her baby daughter has married the child’s father only days before she is due to go on trial at the High Court.

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