Caribbean floods

Caribbean floods

Security increased as Haiti's starving fight for food

UNITED Nations peacekeepers stepped up security in Haiti yesterday as the death toll from floods and landslides caused by tropical storm Jeanne passed 1,000 and threatened to reach double that number.

UK aid teams in Haiti effort

BRITISH aid workers are battling to avert a humanitarian disaster in Haiti after Tropical Storm Jeanne devastated the country, claiming an estimated 2000 lives.

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First major aid handout for Haiti

UNITED Nations peacekeepers planned the first major distribution of food and water in flood-ravaged Haiti today.

Haiti begs world for help as storm death toll approaches 700

HAITI’S interim president appealed for aid yesterday as the death toll from mud slides and floods caused by tropical storm Jeanne neared 700.

Storm death toll hits 622

BLOATED bodies and weeping relatives filled mortuaries today as the death toll from Tropical Storm Jeanne in Haiti hit at least 622.

Hundreds die in Haiti as tropical storm causes flood horror

MORE than 300 people have died after tropical storm Jeanne devastated Haiti, causing floods and landslides and forcing survivors to take to rooftops and trees to escape the muddy waters that flooded their towns.

90 killed as Haiti battered by storm

TROPICAL storm Jeanne brought raging floodwaters to Haiti, killing at least 90 people in the battered nation and leaving dozens of families huddled on rooftops as the storm pushed further out into the open seas.

Flood death toll at 3300

THE toll of dead and missing topped 3300 nearly two weeks after floods that obliterated entire communities as rivers and mudslides tore through Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

Haiti at risk of more mud slides

MANY villages in Haiti are at risk of more mud slides, aid workers said yesterday.

Aid rushed to flood victims

RESCUE workers today rushed food, water and first aid kits to a remote Haitian town submerged by floods that killed an estimated 2150 people.

Caribbean flood toll nearly 2,000

THE discovery of more than 1,000 bodies in a remote Haitian village raised the death toll from flash floods there and in the neighbouring Dominican Republic to nearly 2,000 yesterday.

Troops search mud as floods toll hits 600 in Caribbean

SOLDIERS searched for more victims in the Dominican Republic and Haiti yesterday, in the wake of floods that have left at least 600 dead and hundreds missing.

Flood deaths soar by 1000

THE death toll from devastating floods and landslides in Haiti and the Dominican Republic rose to at least 1950 today following the discovery of more than 1000 bodies in a rural Haitian town.

Mudslides and floods kill 270 in Caribbean

SCORES of bloated corpses were dumped into a mass grave yesterday as the death toll from torrential rains that swept through Haiti and the Dominican Republic passed 270.

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