Care for the Elderly

Care for the Elderly

Closure of hospital could put elderly people at risk, warns MSP at protest

Closing a hospital for the elderly in one of the unhealthiest areas of Europe could see life expectancies drop even further, an MSP has claimed.

No progress yet in police's care home deaths probe

THE deaths of two residents of a closed-down care home are still being investigated by police.

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Letter: Dark future

I WRITE in response to your article, "Scotland faces cash crisis with explosion of over-60s" (8 August).

Leak reveals one in seven former Southern Cross homes lack a manager

ONE in seven care homes formerly owned by Southern Cross is without a manager, according to a leaked update on the properties owned by the collapsed firm. The "contingency update", obtained by Labour, shows that 14 of the 97 care homes concerned do not have a permanent person in charge.

Scotland faces cash crisis with explosion of over-60s

ECONOMISTS have warned that unprecedented strain will be put on health and social care budgets, after a report forecast the number of pensioners in Scotland would soar to record levels over the next two decades.

Britain set to go bankrupt due to rising OAP numbers

THE next generation of the UK's political leaders face bankruptcy because of the rocketing costs of caring for Britain's increasingly elderly population.

Care home operators 'won't touch' run-down Southern Cross stock

SOME care homes belonging to Southern Cross may struggle to find a new operator - while others will be forced to hike their fees for privately-funded residents by as much as £100 a week due to long-term neglect by the company, industry experts have warned.

Elderly admitted to hospitals increases by 10,000 over four years

THE number of elderly people admitted to hospitals in Scotland for emergency treatment increased by 10,000 in four years, figures show.

Care staff cleared of 'toilet training' regime but service must improve

A SUPPORTED housing complex has been cleared of allegations that disabled residents were told to train themselves to go to the toilet at fixed times to fit in with a new strict care rota.

Free personal care 'worth fighting for'

THe man who masterminded the introduction of free personal care for the elderly in Scotland has defended the policy as "bringing real benefits" to the frail and vulnerable, after council leaders warned it was rapidly becoming unaffordable.

Toilet training order for disabled residents at housing complex

SCOTLAND'S care watchdog is investigating claims that disabled residents at a supported-housing complex have been told to train themselves to go to the toilet at fixed times to fit in with a strict new rota.

Ministers urged to shake up care for elderly

A MAJOR Scottish Government commissioned report will today call for the break-up of the bureaucratic empires governing health and social care, having concluded that Scotland's public services are "patchwork", "outdated" and "producer-led".

Analysis: Culture of spending is now a distant memory

THE stark financial challenge faced by politicians has been clear for some time. The salad days of early devolution, when the money kept rolling in, are over.

Martin Sime: It's up to all of us to care for each other

An ageing population and the unsustainable costs involved for Scotland's public services mean we will have to learn to do more and expect less

Comment: 'Moving her out could be very traumatic at her age'

In this case, the sheriff has made a decision based on the facts he has heard and the law, but it seems the decision has been made without consulting this older lady about what would best suit her.

Carer of 92-year-old ordered to leave house for estranged wife

A HOMEOWNER has been ordered to leave the house where he was caring for his 92-year-old mother to allow his estranged wife to move back in.

Holyrood urged to tighten up scrutiny of care homes

HEALTH Secretary Nicola Sturgeon is being urged to tighten regulation of care homes and beef up inspections in the wake of the crisis at the Elsie Inglis Nursing Home.

Charity raised concerns over axed care home six months ago

CHARITY chiefs raised concerns about the crisis-hit Elsie Inglis Nursing Home six months ago, it has emerged.

Nursing home crisis: 'Care must be tailored to those in need'

The severe problems afflicting many care homes across Britain have been well documented in recent days.

Police reveal rise in hate crime against the elderly

POLICE in the Lothians have started recording a new category of hate crime - against pensioners.

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