Care and Hope Appeal

Care and Hope Appeal

It's a fantastic place - it lets them feel special

AS 11-year-old Ryan Payne enters the sensory room, his face lights up and he is mesmerised by the glass tube with its changing light display and moving bubbles.

Proclaimers sing up for Barnardo's

IT may not have been the stadium audience they were accustomed to, but when The Proclaimers burst into impromptu song especially for an audience of just four children they were given a colossal reception.

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My violent autistic son almost made my marriage fall apart

THERE is no doubt Moira Henry loves her son Callum Bell with all her heart, but his often aggressive behaviour has stretched her family to its limits.

Caern centre will delight the senses

SOFT greens and blues will be projected on the wall in a kaleidoscope of patterns as the gentle strains of calming music carry across the air.

Fun for children but a 'lifeline' for tired-out parents

FROM the outside, it seems like an ordinary house in a secluded location with a tranquil view over trees and fields.

The joy and worry of caring for Lewis

MY day starts at 6.45am when I start cooking breakfast and making packed lunches. Lewis will stay in bed while everyone gets ready for school and once his brothers and sister have left I can get Lewis and my youngest son ready.

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