Cancer research

Cancer research

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Scottish skin cancer rates increase by 62 per cent over ten years

Skin cancer rates in Scotland have shot up by 62 percent over the last decade, official statistics today show.


Four factors cause 100,000 cases of cancer

Almost half – some 45 per cent – of all cancers in men and 40 per cent in women could be prevented, according to a major study.


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Scottish patients denied access to new cancer drug

HEALTH campaigners have attacked the decision to deny patients in Scotland access to another cancer drug on the NHS.

To find out more about the 2012 MoonWalk and Breast Cancer Awareness

THERE are a variety of ways in which you can find out more about the Edinburgh MoonWalk 2012, and Breast Cancer Awareness in general. Below are some helpful links and websites.

Gene faults linked to higher skin cancer risk

Scientists have discovered new genetic faults that increase the chances of developing melanoma, the deadliest skin cancer.

Treatment hope after cloning breakthrough

Scientists have made a key step forward in being able to produce stem cells from a cloned human embryo to help in research and the creation of new personalised treatments for patients.

Ecstasy could help to fight cancer

THE dance-club drug Ecstasy is being developed as a potential cancer treatment.

Bereaved violin star's charity cuppa

WORLD-RENOWNED violinist Nicola Benedetti is backing a nationwide fundraising event, the World's Biggest Coffee Morning, after losing her grandmother to cancer.

New early warning sign for silent killer

SCIENTISTS have discovered a molecule in the blood that could help doctors spot the very earliest signs of ovarian cancer and prevent thousands of women from dying.

People 'fear cancer the most'

People fear cancer more than any other disease, according to a new survey.

Decision on Mepact 'fantastic' news for Scottish families

Jamie Marshall Macdonald was diagnosed with osteosarcoma last September and had surgery to remove the cancer before starting chemotherapy.

U-turn over cancer drug offers new hope for teens

Medicines watchdogs have made a U-turn over a drug to treat young cancer patients after announcing it should now be available on the NHS.

Number of cancer deaths linked to workplace won't fall 'for 20 years'

The number of cancer deaths linked to factors in the workplace may not start to fall for another 20 years or more, experts believe.

Cancer gene discovered

SCIENTISTS have discovered a key gene that increases a woman's chances of developing ovarian cancer.

Exercise a 'wonder drug' that can stop cancer coming back

Exercise is a "wonder drug" for cancer survivors and may even prevent the disease coming back, according to a new report.

Puppet-master genes key to fighting prostate cancer

SCOTTISH scientists have discovered "puppet-master" genes involved in the development of prostate cancer which could help lead to new treatments.

Children who grow up on farms 'more likely to get cancer'

Children who grow up on farms where animals are kept are much more likely to develop cancer, according to a new study.

Breast cancer screening programme a success

Almost 1,400 cases of breast cancer were diagnosed through screening in Scotland in 2009/10, figures show.

Male bowel cancer risk doubles in 30 years

A MAN's chances of developing bowel cancer have doubled in the past 30 years, figures show.

Cancer gurus split millions

CANCER Research UK has awarded two researchers from Edinburgh University prestigious fellowships.

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