Call centres

Call centres

You keep me hanging on: BT customer service voted worst in UK

TELECOMS giant BT was yesterday named and shamed as having the worst call-centre customer service.

Manila killer for Scots call centre workers

A CALL centre firm yesterday admitted the jobs of hundreds of workers from Scotland were being moved to the Philippines and workers who refused to go would not receive redundancy pay.

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Double digits again as TSC presses the right buttons

`CALL-CENTRE firm Telecom Service Centres is looking to expand in both the UK and India, having unveiled massive jumps in profits and sales.

India's Hero buys Telecom Service Centres in £40m deal

SCOTLAND's largest call centre operator has been bought by an Indian operator in a deal worth £40 million.

Britons prefer UK call centres

MORE than nine out of ten Britons hate dealing with foreign call centres, research has revealed. And more than half claim they would ditch a company if it announced plans to move its call centre work abroad.

UK call centres still booming

BRITAIN'S call centre industry is booming, despite thousands of jobs being outsourced to places like India, according to a new report today by research group ContactBabel.

Call centre opening promises 500 jobs

MORE than 500 call centre jobs are to be created in Ayrshire, it emerged yesterday.

Is Scotland turning into a call centre nation?

IF YOU think call centres are a blight on modern life that leave you boiling with anger and on the verge of throwing the phone through the window, press ONE.

Call centres - give us your views

On the one hand, call centres can be seen as a boon of modern technology that not only provide many people with valuable jobs, but also help to speed up customer service, lower company costs - that might otherwise be passed onto the consumer - and who generally offer an efficient, effective, friendly service.

One in ten call centres 'targeted by criminal gangs'

AROUND one in ten of Glasgow's call centres has been targeted by criminal gangs, it was claimed last night.

Calling the shots

THERE are so many twists in the story of Dermot Jenkinson that it would be no surprise to find that he once did something really off the wall: say, for instance, promote Richard Clayderman, the clean-cut pianist famous for his renditions of romantic melodies. In fact, he did exactly that.

150 jobs at risk as Telewest plans to close call centre

ABOUT 150 jobs are under threat after NTL Telewest last night announced it will close a Scottish call centre.

Shock as 450 jobs go in call-centre pull-out

A TRAVEL firm is to close its call centre in Glasgow with the loss of 450 jobs, just two months after the end of a funding deal in which it received £1.4 million of taxpayers' cash.

Azzuri signs £1m call centre contract

AZZURI Scotland, the division of the UK telecoms equipment and services company, has signed a £1 million deal with the Glasgow-based call centre EssentiaGroup.

130 call centre staff face axe as deal ends

MORE than 130 call centre workers are facing the axe in Edinburgh after a major deal with Vodafone UK ran out.

Call centre jobs to hit 1 million

THE UK call centre industry is in rude health and remains on course to employ a million workers by the end of next year, according to a new report by industry analysts ContactBabel out today.

Number's up as call centres return to UK

OFFSHORING - a word likely to strike fear into any of the workers at UK call centres.

Concerns over call centres

Eight out of ten people are unhappy about having their bank account handled by an overseas call centre.

Lloyds TSB abandons scripts as call centre staff told 'be natural'

CUSTOMERS who phone their bank could be in line for better service after Lloyds TSB announced that it was dropping scripted responses by its call centre workers.

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