Californian Gubernatorial race

Californian Gubernatorial race

Arnold Schwarzenegger calls for state welfare to be ended in California

CALIFORNIA Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has compared his state's financial crisis to that of Greece and called for scrapping the state welfare system to close a $19.1 billion budget gap.

Hopes that Schwarzenegger will let Californians ferret around

FERRET lovers in California are pinning their hopes on the new governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, to reverse a 70-year-old law banning the animals as pets.

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Star power must be put to use in bipartisan charm offensive

ARNOLD Schwarzenegger did not campaign as an ordinary Republican, and he didn’t triumph as an ordinary Republican either.

Party-time on fringes for the also-rans

THEY had no chance of winning, but as the votes came in on Tuesday night, the exotic fringe candidates who turned the recall election into a chaotic circus were throwing lavish parties, determined to grasp the last ray of limelight before disappearing into obscurity.

No doubt in California's mind about election result

IT TOOK less than five minutes for the souvenir-sellers to swing into business following Arnold Schwarzenegger’s acceptance speech.

Campaign fun will quickly fade as California's problems hit home

WITH campaigning over and the polls closed in California’s historic recall election, the real work of tackling the problems dogging the state has begun.

Judgement day for Schwarzenegger

IT WAS perhaps apt that Arnold Schwarzenegger and Gray Davis woke to find Los Angeles shrouded in fog on one of the most important days in California’s political history.

Arnie storms to Californian governorship

MOVIE star Arnold Schwarzenegger stormed to victory in California’s governorship race today, and promised: "I will not disappoint you."

Decision day at the polls for Arnie

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER was hoping to be elected governor of California as voters went to the polls today.

Last-minute battle to win votes

GRAY Davis, the California governor, launched a desperate last-minute advertising blitz yesterday to persuade voters not to sack him and appealing to their moral conscience to reject Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Arnie's support drops as allegations grow

SUPPORT for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s campaign to become governor of California is dropping after four more women came forward to say that he fondled, spanked or touched them in incidents between 1979 and 2000.

'Sorry' Arnie prepares to tough it out

HE STANDS accused of racially abusing a black colleague, sexually harassing women and praising Hitler’s rise to power - but in two days’ time, former bodybuilder and Hollywood actor Arnold Schwarzenegger looks set to be flexing his political muscle as Governor of California.

Arnie's ballot ratings go up despite allegations

DECLARING that "the people know my character," Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger struggled yesterday to put allegations of sexual misconduct and Nazi sympathies behind him as more women came forward to accuse him of making unwanted sexual advances.

Apology rescues actor's vote bid

ARNOLD Schwarzenegger said yesterday he was deeply sorry for his behaviour towards women, offering a public apology to those he had offended as he kicked off the closing days of his campaign to be governor of the largest state in the US.

Schwarzenegger reveals plans for first 100 days

BUOYED by a new poll that has him leading all candidates for California governor less than a week before the recall election, Arnold Schwarzenegger yesterday outlined what the first 100 days of his administration would look like.

Arnie groped us say women

SIX women say Arnold Schwarzenegger groped them on movie sets and in other locations over the last three decades.

Arnie rival quits governor battle

ARIANNA HUFFINGTON, the writer and socialite who has clashed with Arnold Schwarzenegger, pulled out of the race for the governorship of California today.

Aliens turn out for Arnie as California candidates go digging for dirt

IN A campaign full of surprises, one development yesterday in the California recall election was utterly predictable: the last week of campaigning will be dirty.

Californian poll shock

WITH the campaign to recall California governor Gray Davis entering its final full week, a poll released yesterday showed the Democrat could lose office by a wide margin and put Arnold Schwarzenegger ahead of everyone else trying to become governor of California.

Arnie is in poll position

HOLLYWOOD superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger is in his strongest position yet in his bid to become the next Governor of California.

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