Caleb Ness death

Caleb Ness death

Caleb Ness' killer dad is freed

A FATHER who shook his baby son to death in a fit of rage has been freed early from prison.

Joining forces to prevent a repeat of cases like Caleb's

THE MONITORING of sex offenders will be one of the main roles of Scotland's first specially created dedicated family protection centre, set to be unveiled by the Princess Royal in the Capital today.

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Family protection experts join forces under one roof

SCOTLAND'S first dedicated family protection centre is to be established in the Capital by police, health workers and social workers.

We must come together to end child tragedies

OF ALL the pariah professions - including law, tax inspection, prostitution and journalism - the least attractive must surely be social work. Overworked, underpaid and with precious little support from their superiors, those who choose to work at the coalface of child protection are expected to take the burden of our fractured world on their shoulders, and then face public humiliation when it proves too heavy.

Ness case seems to show failures on a few fronts

IT is almost beyond belief that it has taken over four years to draw up new child protection guidelines following the tragic death of 11-week-old Caleb Ness in 2001.

Child-protection guides after Caleb 'too late'

CHILD-PROTECTION rules which may have prevented the ordeal suffered by home-alone toddler Michael McGarrity today came under attack for coming too late.

Children in danger as protection failings 'not addressed'

VULNERABLE children who are in danger in their own homes are not being taken away from their parents because there are not enough places in care for them, union leaders claimed today.

Drugs fuel 50% rise in child-neglect cases

THE number of children in the city known to have suffered neglect has risen 50 per cent in one year, new figures revealed today.

Vulnerable youngsters remain at risk in city

VULNERABLE children in the Capital are "not as safe as they should be", according to a damning new external investigation into child protection services.

Tragedy that triggered QC's probe

THE O’Brien report into the death of baby Caleb Ness at the hands of his brain-damaged father highlighted serious faults at "almost every level" of the city’s child protection services.

City chief hits out at Ponton over baby Caleb

EDINBURGH City Council leader Donald Anderson has accused a colleague of using the issue of child protection in the wake of the death of Caleb Ness as a "political football".

Ministers pledge probe on future of social work

MINISTERS have promised far-reaching questions will be asked about the future of social work in Scotland following the tragic case of Caleb Ness.

Fury at 'cover-up' of child services report

CITY chiefs have been accused of a possible cover-up after they refused to show councillors the results of an investigation into Edinburgh’s child protection services.

'Child at risk' calls soar in capital

WARNING calls suggesting children may be in danger in the Capital have soared in the wake of the damning report into the death of baby Caleb Ness.

Social work staff warn of split confusion

SOCIAL workers have warned of "logistical chaos" as the city council announced two chiefs to take over different parts of the department.

Union slams social work trust plans

HEALTH and social work chiefs in the Capital are considering appointing a trust to run services as part of a radical shake-up of council departments - but the idea has been met with derision by union leaders.

Care workers revolt threat

SOCIAL workers in Edinburgh today threatened a revolt over plans for a major shake-up of the department.

Funding the real lesson of Caleb

YOU never hear about social work until something goes wrong. As many politicians admit, it is not a vote-catcher. Who wants to hear about families in crisis, children at risk, the elderly needing care or people with disabilities relying on support to keep their independence?

Watchdog is set on social work staff

A NEW social work watchdog has been launched in the city following the "avoidable" death of baby Caleb Ness.

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