A new angle on pay-and-play golf

IT'S the place to be invited to - getting a round on Archerfield Links on the East Lothian coast is becoming about as rare as a Muirfield member without a Labrador.

Such is the quality and demand for the course, 500 people have so far been willing to pay 20,000 to join, including Alan Shearer, Ryan Giggs and Ian Botham, right, and then a 1,300 annual sub.

However, there is a fair bit of unrest among the well-heeled members after a letter received recently suggested each now cough up an extra 100 a year, as a "tip" for the backroom staff.

The club suggested that if everyone agrees to the charge, 50,000 would become available to split among the staff. If members fail to reply and agree, then the cash will be automatically taken from their bank accounts.

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