Moves to ‘save’ pig sector after Brechin abattoir fire

Radical moves have been made to mitigate problems arising from the recent fire at Scotland’s largest pig processing abattoir at Brechin.

Brian Henderson believes the scramble to highlight trade deals 'smacks of desperation'. Picture: Kimberley Powell

Brian Henderson: Deals sound like putting lipstick on a pig

The past week seemed to throw up a startling number of opportunities for the nation’s farmers, with the announcement of several possible trade deals with countries outside the EU.

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Deer farmers have joined the campaign against the lynx. Picture: Jean-Christophe Verhaegen/AFP/Getty Images

Opposition growing over release of lynx into the wild

Until now, the National Sheep Association (NSA) has led the opposition to the introduction of lynx to the UK but this week a wider group of rural organisations joined forces to voice their concerns about the “big cat” coming back to these shores after an absence of hundreds of years.

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Pig farms could benefit under 'most favoured nation' tariff rules. Picture: Kimberley Powell

Post-Brexit trade deals a mixed bag for farming sectors

While the future of the UK’s sheep industry doesn’t look particularly bright under any of the likely post-Brexit trade deals, the fortunes of other sectors of the industry will be highly dependent on the shape of these future trade agreements.

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Deer farmer Rupert Shaw, right, with Hong Kong trading company boss Janis Varklas. Picture: NFU Scotland/PA Wire

Scottish deer antlers head for Chinese medicine market

In one of the most unusual exports in recent times, a shipment of Scottish red deer antlers has started its 35-day journey from Dumfries and Galloway to the Far East where the antlers will be used in medical potions.

Criminals often target quad bikes and livestock. Picture: Chris Jackson/Getty Images

NFU Scotland makes call for vigilance on rural crime

While figures published by NFU Mutual show that the cost of rural crime in Scotland fell by almost a third in 2016, the insurer added that there have been signs of a significant rise in these figures during 2017.

Cereal growers have been warned to be on their guard against barley yellow dwarf virus. Picture: Michael Gillen

Warning over virus infection threat to cereal harvest

Despite the fact that this year’s grain harvest might be to the forefront of many minds, a warning has been issued that cereal growers should be aware of the higher risks of barley yellow dwarf virus (BYDV) infection in crops sown this autumn.

Most of us rely on the professionals to supply our meat needs. Picture: Robert Perry

Fordyce Maxwell: Time to tackle those who butcher the facts

One lesson to learn when trying to interpret statistics is that a big percentage increase in a small number is still a small number.

Salmon exports reach record high. Picture: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

Scottish salmon exports leap to record high of £345 million

Scottish salmon producers are enjoying record overseas sales, with new figures revealing exports of the fish reached £345 million in the second quarter of 2017 – an increase of more than 70 per cent on the same period last year.

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While Brexit could hamper trade, AHDB said Scottish potatoes could find new markets elsewhere. Picture: Contributed

Brexit could be a mixed blessing for potato sector

While the wider potato industry might be much less exposed to some of the post-Brexit trade risks which could be disastrous for other sectors of agriculture, the industry still faces many challenges in the coming years.

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Talks over a possible trial reintroduction of lynx have angered NFU Scotland. Picture: Contributed

NFU Scotland attacks ‘brazen’ claims over lynx release

The release of lynx into the Scottish countryside is a far more complex matter than its advocates would have anyone believe, NFU Scotland claimed yesterday.

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NFU Scotland is concerned about potential penalties from milk buyers. Picture: Ian Rutherford

Dairy farmers face penalties for missing milk targets

While recent years have seen dairy farm incomes suffer from a millk glut due to over-production, this year’s poor summer could now see producers facing penalties for failing to deliver enough milk.

Many items on farms are not eligible for compensation. Picture: John Devlin

Tenant farmers’ improvements list ‘needs major update’

The current list of tenants’ improvements which qualify for compensation is out of date and requires a major update to make it relevant to current farming businesses, according to one of the leading professional bodies involved in the reform of the agricultural holdings legislation.

Fergus Ewing sought assurance over the GM ban. Picture: Contributed

NFU Scotland wants ‘rational’ debate on future of GM food

As the Scottish Government requested confirmation that it would be able to continue its ban on growing genetically modified (GM) crops in the country following Brexit, NFU Scotland yesterday called for any decision to be based on a rational assessment of the underlying science.

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Farm Stock (Scotland) said its co-operative model maximises returns for livestock producers. Picture: John Devlin

Co-operation is the key to higher livestock returns

A growing appreciation within Scotland’s livestock sector of the benefits of co-operative marketing has helped boost output at one of country’s biggest stock groups, it has been claimed.

This year's harvest has been more 'stop' than 'start'. Picture: Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Weather conditions will sort out the wheat from chaff

Well, the last of this year’s crop trial open days might be behind arable farmers for now but the very real crop trials – the ones which take place in every field around the country – are only just beginning.

Grouse estates in Scotland contributed more than �23 million to the countrys economy, a new survey has suggested. Danny Lawson/PA Wire

Impact of Scottish grouse estates on rural communities revealed

Grouse estates in Scotland contributed more than £23 million to the country’s economy, a new survey has suggested.

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The Scottish fishing industry was one of the few parts of the economy to welcome Brexit, because it would end the disliked common fisheries policy.

Leader comment: Gove must clarify fishing waters stance

Early last June in the run up to the referendum on whether the UK should leave the European Union, an emotional Michael Gove MP, a key Brexiteer, appeared close to tears as he told a live television audience how he had witnessed first-hand how the Brussels’ bureaucrats had wrecked his adopted father’s Aberdeen-based fish business.

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The UK Government insisted its fisheries policy had not changed. Picture: David Cheskin/PA Wire

Michael Gove sparks storm over post-Brexit fishing access

Michael Gove has sparked anger by promising that Danish fishing vessels would still be allowed to catch “large amounts” of fish in British waters after Brexit.

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A review is being called for.

Review called for on farmers tax breaks

A senior adviser to Environment Secretary Michael Gove has called for a review of tax breaks for farmers.

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