Cod and haddock stocks net a better rating in green guide

They have long been on the endangered list as marine experts have warned that overfishing has seen numbers plummet.

Professor Ole Pahl is leading a team of researchers in extracting phosphorus from waste water. Picture: Glasgow Caledonian University

Scottish university aims to recover phosphorus from sewage

It is an essential nutrient used by farmers the world over in food production. But with some predicting that global demand for phosphorus is in danger of outstripping present supplies, some innovative thinking is required.

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Tim McCreath, managing director of Simpsons Malt. Picture: Jim Gibson

Simpsons Malt looking on bright side after dip in earnings

Simpsons Malt has described its year-end figures as “solid” despite a dip in sales and profits as it continues to pump money into the business.

France plans to ban domestic sales of the weedkiller for use in gardens by 2019. Picture: Philippe Huguen/AFP/Getty Images

More twists emerge in long-running saga over glyphosate

New twists were added to the convoluted story of glyphosate re-registration yesterday, as France flagged up its intention to unilaterally ban the use of the herbicide inside its borders in the near future, only to swiftly back-track later in the day.

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Damian Green said Westminster was not going to take risks with the UK market.  (Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

Damian Green tells SNP ‘to get serious’ over Brexit

SNP plans to take control of agriculture and environment powers returning from Brussels after Brexit will “dismantle” the UK’s internal market, Theresa May’s deputy has claimed.

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NFU Scotland's James Porter said: 'We must be able to continue to source seasonal workers.' Picture: Craig Stephen

Scottish crops at risk without migrant labour, says NFUS

While the fate of migrant labour has been centre stage in Brexit discussions, a more urgent need to ensure there will be a sufficient workforce to help gather in next year’s fruit and vegetable crops has been raised.

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'We can make this work for everyone,' said the Lynx UK Trust. Picture: Geoff Caddick/PA Wire

Trust behind lynx plan pledges to insure against attacks

Lynx UK Trust, the group seeking permission to release six lynx in the Kielder Forest which straddles the Border, has announced that it would insure all sheep, pets and humans in the country against lynx attacks.

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NFU Scotland president Andrew McCornick called for 'more carrot and less stick'. Picture: Contributed

NFU Scotland maps out its top post-Brexit priorities

While the threats and uncertainty of Brexit have been widely highlighted in recent months, the opportunities offered to streamline some of the current bureaucratic burden borne by farmers was put in the spotlight yesterday.

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The Roslin Institute says its research could shed light on the role of hundreds of sheep genes. Picture: Lindsay Addison

Sheep sector is following in the footsteps of Dolly

While the poultry and pig industries have led the field in using genome information to improve the productivity characteristics of farmed livestock – such as feed conversion efficiency rates – work at Edinburgh’s Roslin Institute is set to help the sheep sector join this revolution.


Combines halted by one of Scotland’s wettest summers ever

While it might not be much of a consolation for farmers suffering from the frustrations of this year’s stop/start harvest, confirmation came this week that much of the country is facing the same problem.


Fergus Ewing unveils loan scheme to cover farm payouts

Scotland’s farmers will once again be offered a loan scheme to cover their Basic Payment support payments, Scotland’s rural economy secretary Fergus Ewing has revealed.

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NFU Scotland chief executive Scott Walker described the figures as 'bad news' for the sector. Picture: Contributed

Scottish farming’s debt hits record high of £2.3bn

Total outstanding loans to Scotland’s agricultural sector have risen by £113 million over the past 12 months, an increase of 5 per cent, to a record figure of £2.32 billion, official statistics have revealed.

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Andrew Arbuckle: Make MPs pick fruit to see who is unskilled

I heard them ­coming minutes before they came over the horizon. But I had been expecting them as I had tested the odd pea pod as a diversion during my regular walk.

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Tighter rules ‘will protect Scotland’s TB-free status’

Plans to reduce or withdraw compensation payments for bovine TB reactor cows if movement rules, testing procedures or other regulations had been flouted have been put forward by the Scottish Government.

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Scottish potato exports are worth millions to the economy. Picture: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Dutch date is the key for Scots potato export market

In recent years exports of seed potatoes from Scotland have gradually increased to the point where they are now worth millions of pounds to the economy.

Despite Brexit woes, food and drink firms plan to create 18,000 jobs over the next five years. Picture: Robert Perry

Food and drink recruitment plans hit by Brexit concerns

More than two-thirds of Scottish food and drink firms say their recruitment plans have been hit by Brexit, according to a report published today.

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Poultry keepers were urged to keep biosecurity measures up to date. Picture: Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

Warning over risk of new strain of avian influenza

Scotland’s poultry producers should prepare themselves for a potential new strain of avian influenza reaching Europe’s poultry farms this winter, a leading disease expert has warned.

The Kelso sale comes amid a drive to encourage more lamb consumption. Picture: Stuart Cobley

Numbers are up as Kelso prepares for largest ram sales

Almost 5,500 tups will come under the hammer at the UK’s – and Europe’s – largest one-day ram sale, which takes place at Kelso this Friday.

Simon Howie has built up a sizeable portfolio covering sectors including shower panels and shipping. Picture: Contributed

‘Scottish Butcher’ Simon Howie seeks bigger slice of market

It’s often said that successful retailers lure customers and get the tills ringing by selling the sizzle, not the sausage.

Could growing crops under cover improve yields? Picture: Michael Gillen

Brian Henderson: How can Scotland boost its crop potential?

While those in the ­sun-kissed east of the country have been cracking on with harvest over the past week, those in more ­central and western parts, harried by frequent hefty showers, have been ­making slower progress.

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