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Business Matters

Worst job interview mistakes

TURNING up late or insulting your prospective boss are two obvious no-noes when going for a job interview, but there are many other pitfalls to be avoided to give yourself the best chance of that dream job.

How to guarantee job interview success

MANY experts will tell you that the first 30 seconds of a job interview are the most important - so if you want to be a cut above the rest you need to be on the ball.

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Do employers shade the truth?

IT IS often said that if an offer seems too good to be true, then it usually is. And there are few areas of life where it is more important to bear in mind this well-worn cautionary phrase than in the employment market.

Weighing the risk: To lie or not to lie?

JUST as no employer would ever advertise for staff boasting such unimpressive credentials, none of us would promote ourselves as anything other than hard-working, skilled and trustworthy.

Encouragement to leave the job?

IT IS described as the best solution for everyone concerned by its advocates - and a sneaky way to get rid of staff by others.

Making the most of online job postings

GONE are the days of typing up a CV and cover letter on nice linen paper and sending them to a company in a matching envelope. Thanks to the internet, thousands of people are applying online for their next job.

Better late than never? Not true.

WERE you late for work this morning? Is this a regular occurrence? If the answer to both these questions was "yes" then you are not alone.

Work & Family: finding the right mix

HAVE you achieved work-life balance? According to a number of surveys, more and more of us are seeking ways to banish "time squeeze" from our lives.

Healthy lifestyle choices when travelling on business

LIFE is a journey and for many business people the journey is often from one airport, train station or car park to the next. Life on the road can be pretty unhealthy for our faithful traveller.

Keys to reducing workplace stress

WORKPLACE stress is on the rise in the UK as more and more of us suffer from the burden of overwork and the problems of juggling our busy lives both at home and in the office.

Addressing bullying behaviour in the workplace

MOST of us associate bullies with the cruel taunts of the school playground, but for a growing number of people, putting up with bullying behaviour is a harsh reality of adult life. More and more, workers are becoming victims of verbal and sometimes physical abuse in the workplace.

Employing a new employment strategy

COOPED up in a stuffy office, and cowering whenever the boss happens to be in a particularly bad mood, few of us haven't found time to daydream about what it would be like to work in the comfort of our own homes.

Balancing the scales of salary justice

IT HAS long been recognised that women are often paid less than men in similar jobs - but recent figures have revealed it will be 80 years before the female workforce can close the gap despite recent changes to try and boost their salaries.

E-mail etiquette in the workplace

WHOEVER suggested that e-mail would be more efficient and would increase productivity at work hasn't opened their electronic inbox on a Monday morning to 100 or more messages.

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