Business Class supplement May 2006

Business Class supplement May 2006

Up, up, and away for flyers as new routes fuel airport boom

SCOTLAND is fast becoming one of the "must-have" destinations for airlines, which means the country is enjoying a rapid increase in the number of direct flights available from its airports.

Signs are good for integration

THE number of Polish immigrants working in Scotland could soon hit 100,000, with workers attracted by the prospect of well-paid work and the new cut-price airlines operating to and from major Polish cities.

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Businessmen fly in to talk the talk and then walk the walk

SCOTLAND'S image as a tartan and shortbread nation has largely been banished. The country is now seen as a thriving, modern nation, open for business (witness Donald Trump's plans for a golf course complex on the Aberdeenshire coast) and open to receiving those who wish to discuss their business on Scottish soil.

Low-cost fares lead to all-time high at Ayr port

JAM-PACKED low-cost flights full of Scots jetting off on business and short breaks to Europe have seen passenger numbers at Prestwick International Airport in Ayrshire hit an all-time high.

Direct action means bright future for Scottish airports

CONNECTIVITY is the new buzz word which sums up the Scottish Executive's aim to achieve a "smart, successful Scotland".

Challenges to conventions

AS CONFERENCES and conventions become increasingly like mini theatre productions, high quality audio-visual presentation, streamlined staging, and cutting-edge technology are becoming essential elements of any event.

Depart in a fashion to arrive in style

IN BUSINESS, first impressions are important. The aim is to present a well-groomed professional front, which exudes confidence and competence.

Why getting connected pays off

TRAVEL is all about getting from one place to another for various purposes and while the key factors are costs, timings, comfort and facilities, these days there is another important strand to it all and it is called connectivity.

Keep it light to help cut the delays

MOST of us are old enough and experienced enough to know that journeys don't always happen the way they do in the itineraries.

Put health at top of your travel checklist

HEALTH should be at the top of any business travel checklist. Staying well when abroad is simple with the appropriate planning. Most people only consider this a problem when holidaying with young children, but being stuck in a hotel bedroom alone when an important meeting is happening without you is a truly miserable place to be.

Opening up the USA with a hub flight plane to Georgia... and beyond

EDINBURGH airport welcomes its second flagship transatlantic carrier next Tuesday (6 June) when Delta Air Lines launches a daily year-round service from the Scottish capital to its hub in Atlanta.

Soak up some culture in the midst of north Europe's grand designs

IT WOULD seem that the UK is the only European nation that has adopted the habit of eating, talking, doing business and practically living on the run.

A welcoming environment for commerce

COLD and bleak northern Europe is sometimes seen as a place whose industrious people work too hard ever to crack a smile.

Arabian flights open economy

EMIRATES, the Dubai-based international airline, has recently celebrated its second year of operations between Glasgow and Dubai, with the carrier announcing that the route has seen growth of more than 30 per cent in its second year.

Gateways for Scottish players to get into the US game

THE opportunities for Scottish companies to build trade links with the US have never been stronger - particularly given the recent surge in the number of direct transatlantic flights operating from Scotland's airports.

Sun, sea, sangria, and a second bite at the cherry of success

THERE are two main reasons we head for southern Europe - climate and lifestyle. On a relaxing holiday, however, the idea of doing business there would never cross our minds.

Making connections is the route to our global success

SCOTLAND'S position in the world and its attractiveness as a place to do business depends on our global connections. In the past, Scotland has suffered from a lack of direct air routes, with many travellers having to go through one of the larger English airports first.

The flying machines now set for take-off

THE time travellers spend cooped up in an airplane seat can be used in a variety of ways. Some like to retreat into a private world of their own, some spend most of the time asleep. But for a large minority, this is above all the time to snap open the briefcase or handbag and extract the latest must-have travel gadget.

Ensure you have the last gaffe

THERE'S no doubt that relocation to southern European climes can be a surprising experience for families.

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