Bullying at school

Bullying at school

Parents of bullies 'need more help'

A PARENTING charity has called for greater support for parents whose children are bullies.

Return to school sparks bullying fear

A PARENTS' helpline run by a youth mental health charity has reported a large rise in calls as children head back to school.

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Bullying the 'main cause of suicide among youngsters'

NEARLY half of suicides among ten to 14-year-olds are due to bullying, according to research.

Two out of three young carers 'bullied at school'

TWO out of three children who care for sick or disabled family members in Scotland are bullied at school, according to a survey published today.

Call for 'bullying database' to record every attack on Scots schoolchildren

SCHOOLS should record all incidents of bullying to help tackle the problem, the director of Scotland's anti-bullying service has said.

School bullying: Project aims to show how fear can be mistaken for respect

ANDY is changing. His mother has noticed it and so has his bedroom furniture. After having had their drawers shoved and doors slammed yet again, on Andy's unhappy return from school, they discuss the problem among themselves.

Call for action to tackle school bullying

BULLYING in Scotland's schools is not reducing and must be tackled, according to the body tasked with fighting the problem.

Bullies made my life hell at school, says star boxer Calzaghe

UNDEFEATED world boxing champion Joe Calzaghe yesterday spoke of how his childhood was blighted by bullies.

Plan to beat bullies begins

HOLLYOAKS actor Garnon Davies today spoke of his experiences of being bullied.

My boy said he'd run away if I send him to that school

A MOTHER has told how her seven-year-old son said he would rather "stand in front of a train" than go back to school after being beaten-up by bullies twice in one day.

Quiz shows 'encourage children to bully', say teachers

TV QUIZ shows such as Never Mind The Buzzcocks are a bad influence on children and fuel bullying at school, teachers have warned.

Bullying affects girls far more than boys

BULLYING affects three-quarters of school pupils, with girls affected the most, according to a new study.

Teachers' leaders urge networking sites to tackle cyber bullying

TEACHING leaders called on website owners today to do more to combat cyber-bullying.

Bullies target a third of pupils at Scottish primary schools

A THIRD of primary school children are bullied at breaktimes, according to a new survey.

Brown joins campaign to beat the school bullies

GORDON BROWN was today calling for tougher action by teachers and other professionals to tackle bullying in and around schools.

Complaints on bullying and racism on rise at schools

COMPLAINTS about bullying and racism have risen significantly in city schools, with an average of more than four incidents a day now being investigated.

Technology spawns a new menace: the cyber-bullies

THE number of school pupils who are being bullied by text message or e-mail has soared in the past five years, research has found.

Adults 'must step in to stop bullying'

ADULTS should intervene if they see children being bullied, according to Hugh Henry, the education minister.

Bullies drove me to attempt suicide

THE razor blade cut into Paula Thorburn's arm, scoring open the flesh and releasing a steady stream of warm, sticky blood.

Church's bullying stance slammed

THE Catholic Church is abdicating its responsibility for children's welfare by refusing to target homophobic bullying in schools, a teachers' leader said today.

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