New research shows why young people are more prone to CJD

CELLS in the immune system could hold the key to why younger people are more susceptible to the human form of mad cow disease, Scottish scientists said yesterday.

Red meat industry ups ante over BSE controls

THE Scottish red meat industry is upping the pressure to remove controls imposed during the BSE crisis.

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Offal products back on market

SCOTLAND is set to lead the way in the UK in re-establishing the value of markets for fifth-quarter products, such as offals and cheeks.

Brain disease 'passed by transfusion'

THE deadly brain disease vCJD could be transmitted by blood transfusion, according to a new study by city scientists.

Scots doctors pioneer trial to remove 'mad cow' risk from donated blood

THE world's first trial to make blood transfusions free of the human form of 'mad cow disease' has been launched by doctors in Scotland.

Mad cow disease 'a ticking timebomb'

FEARS of a new wave of deaths caused by the human form of mad cow disease have been triggered by a type of variant CJD never seen before.

What are you scared of?

REMEMBER all those food scares which had our politicians in a spin in the late 1980s and 90s? First there was Edwina Currie’s great panic over salmonella in eggs, followed by the “listeria hysteria” which almost closed down one well-known cheesemaker in Scotland.

Friend of Gummer loses his daughter to vCJD

A WOMAN who died from the human form of mad cow disease was the daughter of a friend of John Gummer, the former agriculture minister who fed his child a hamburger during the BSE crisis to try to show that beef was safe.

The dormant but ongoing threat of vCJD

ACROSS Edinburgh, teams of scientists are searching for answers to one of the most deadly and frightening diseases to hit the UK in recent years - variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (vCJD).

Britain may 'never be rid of vCJD threat' without screening

VARIANT CJD - the human form of mad cow disease - may never disappear from the UK due to the risks from blood transfusions and surgical equipment, a leading expert in the disease has warned.

Fears for blood supplies as CJD test set to cut flow of potential donors

THE number of blood donors in Scotland is expected to plummet when a test for the human form of mad cow disease is introduced, experts predict.

More accurate mad cow test is developed

SCIENTISTS have developed a technique that could help in the diagnosis of mad cow disease, it was revealed today.

Scientists develop new way of testing for vCJD

SCIENTISTS in Edinburgh have developed a technique that could help in the diagnosis of the human form of mad cow disease.

Call for EU to update beef-on-bone rules

ONE of the immediate consequences of the BSE crisis in March 1996 was a total ban on all sales of beef from cattle aged over 30 months.

Why the fallen stock scheme is legislative madness

HISTORIANS will doubtless recall that Benjamin Franklin was one of the co- authors of the American Declaration of Independence.

Mad cow disease advance

SCIENTISTS have reversed "mad cow disease" symptoms in mice, raising hopes of similar treatment for humans.

Carelessness is putting beef exports at risk, farmers told

DOWNRIGHT carelessness on the part of farmers when disposing of cows born before August 1996 could threaten the continuation of beef exports to mainland Europe, according to the National Beef Association.

Prion filter may help reduce the risk of humans contracting 'mad cow disease'

A NEW blood filter device could in future prevent people being infected with the human form of mad cow disease through transfusions, it was revealed yesterday.

CJD fears over use of second-hand implants for bones

THOUSANDS of patients who have suffered a broken bone are having their limbs repaired with second-hand screws and plates that may carry dangerous infections such as CJD, Scotland on Sunday can reveal.

Meat recalled after breach of BSE rules

BEEF products were removed from stores yesterday due to a breach of BSE testing rules.

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