Britain's world role

Britain's world role

Bin Laden calls war 'unjust'

AL-QAIDA chief Osama bin Laden called on Europeans to stop helping the United States in the war in Afghanistan, according to a new audiotape broadcast on Al-Jazeera television.

Brown takes occupancy of No.10

THE QUEEN made it official today when she asked Gordon Brown to form a government and lead Britain as its new Prime Minister.

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Blair set to be confirmed as Middle East peace envoy

TONY BLAIR was today set to be confirmed as the international Middle East peace envoy.

Warning over 'playing politics' with the threat

A LEADING academic yesterday warned politicians against "playing politics" with terrorism after John Reid, the home secretary, claimed an independent Scotland would be more vulnerable to attack.

Blair seeks to widen Middle East peace effort

TONY Blair will today defend his government's close relationship with the United States. As part of a major foreign policy speech, he will also call for Iran and Syria to be engaged in efforts to secure peace in Iraq and the Middle East.

War not answer to world's growing crises

OUR political systems and global politics are largely unequipped for the challenges of today's world. Global economic growth and rising populations are putting unprecedented stresses on the physical environment and these, in turn, are causing unprecedented challenges for our societies. Yet politicians are largely ignorant of these trends. Governments are not organised to meet them. And crises that are fundamentally ecological in nature are managed by outdated strategies of war and diplomacy.

US and Britain abuse UN says Iran president

IRANIAN president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has launched a scathing attack on Britain and the United States, accusing them of abusing the United Nations Security Council to further their own needs.

Rise and fall of Blair Doctrine on intervention

'THE most pressing foreign policy problem we face is to identify the circumstances in which we should get actively involved in other people's conflicts ... Acts of genocide can never be a purely internal matter."

UK wants Blair to split from Bush in war on terror

MOST Brits want Tony Blair to split from George Bush in the war on terror, a new poll has revealed.

Time for some UK home rule on foreign policy

WHAT is the foreign policy of the United Kingdom? And does it matter? I cannot be alone in suspecting that, as a result of all Tony Blair's frenetic grandstanding, Britain's foreign policy has seldom been less coherent, and our influence so reduced.

Irish refused bombs sent to Prestwick airport

BOMBS destined to be used by Israel are being flown via Scotland only because the Irish government refused to allow them to land on its soil.

Our US ties need debating- later

THERE are a few super-issues in politics which are so big and fundamental that, for practical and electoral purposes, they are concealed in a box marked "too difficult". In order for this tactic to succeed, there has to be a consensus among parties who then rationalise their silence by maintaining that "the electorate is not interested".

Special relationship stands the pressure

BRITAIN'S relationship with America has been tested many times since it was dubbed "special" by Winston Churchill in 1946. Churchill, himself an Anglo-American, regarded it as an essentially military alliance, and - a few arguments about trade and extradition of criminal suspects aside - it has been in this area that most difficulties have arisen, notably US displeasure at Britain's Suez misadventure and Harold Wilson's refusal to send British troops to Vietnam.

A president's best friend?

BORED, tired and ready to go home, George W Bush had just about had enough.

Britons 'see Blair as George Bush's poodle'

ALMOST two-thirds of Britons think Tony Blair is George Bush's poodle according to a new poll.

Time for rethink on liberal democratic 'jihad'

RECENTLY, I watched a programme about the Vietnam war which concentrated on two events in 1967. One was a battle not far from Saigon, in which 64 out of a force of 102 American soldiers were killed, having blundered into an ambush by 1,200 North Vietnamese troops. The other was an anti-war protest by students at the University of Wisconsin that turned violent when the police arrived to break up the protest; 74 students were injured.

Commonwealth Day - a time for what, exactly?

TODAY is Commonwealth Day. Our sovereign will be sending her message to all the member nations. The second Monday in March is the remnant of the once-meaningful Empire Day. The 53 nations of the Commonwealth strike me as having nothing whatsoever in common other than perhaps the English language.

UK 'would breach law' if CIA torture flights allowed to land

BRITAIN will be guilty of flouting international law if it allowed "torture" flights carrying terror suspects to land at UK airports, it emerged today.

Blair flying out to UN summit

PRIME Minister Tony Blair was tonight set to fly to New York for a pivotal United Nations summit that will focus on combating global poverty and reforming the institution itself.

Is putting brakes on enlargement France's revenge?

TONY Blair's hardline defence of the British rebate may have paid dividends in Brussels, but diplomats say Jacques Chirac could yet take his revenge over the enlargement of the European Union.

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