Brian Monteith

Brian Monteith

Brian Monteith: Police inaction encouraged riots

THREE young British men standing on a pavement outside their car wash are allegedly murdered when a car veers towards them and sends them flying into the air during looting.

Brian Monteith: I long to outlive health fascism

Edinburgh's fountains are to have whisky pumped through them, roof-top cafes are to be opened where smoking will be allowed and Princes Street is to have a dozen travelators installed along its whole length for the convenience of shoppers.

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Brian Monteith: Limited choices for election of Scottish Tory leader

This week there is every possibility that the first candidate for the Scottish Conservative Party leadership will declare, initiating a long-overdue contest to take the party faithful to a change in direction that can relaunch Scotland's oldest political party.

Brian Monteith: Dreaming of rent-free living

It is morally corrosive, financially draining and a plague across all of Scotland - yet few politicians warn against it and our munificent public sector positively encourages it.

Brian Monteith: We can't let the HS2 train leave the station

I promised myself I would not write about the trams this week - or any other calamity that Edinburgh council has landed the city with. And I was sure that readers would want something different from News of the World, Murdoch, Coulson, Brooks and decidedly dodgy politicians trying to find the moral high ground in a cesspit of corruption, crime and sleaze they helped make.

Brian Monteith: City's housing plan flat broke

I haven't seen any apologies to Leith yet from the city council leaders for the complete mess they have made of the trams that will now not reach the north of the city (if they ever appear).

Brian Monteith: Egos who landed us with trams must pay

Those were bright sunny days back in the summer of 2007. The football season opened with Hibs beating Hearts 1-0 at Tynecastle on August 6, starting an unbeaten run that would see them defeat Celtic at Easter Road and Rangers at Ibrox, taking them to the top of the league.

Brian Monteith: Lessons to learn in ending bigotry

It was only a matter of time before the SNP's ill-advised attempt to ban the symptoms of sectarianism resulted in an MSP suggesting that the cause is separate Roman Catholic schools.

Brian Monteith: Stupidity does not obey laws

Has Alex Salmond's election victory gone to his head? There is no denying that the election result in May was a historic moment. With 45 per cent of the votes from a 50 per cent turnout, the "Alex Salmond for First Minister" party won 53 per cent of the seats at Holyrood and now brooks no criticism.

Brian Monteith: Claims are just a big wind-up

What is the biggest lie in Scottish and British politics today? That England subsidises Scottish public spending or that Scotland's oil bails out the UK from bankruptcy? Actually it's neither of these for the answers change each year depending on the price of oil, the tax revenues from the City of London and the size of our growing national debt.

Brian Monteith: Ed's demand is science fiction

'Captain, the engines cannae take it, we need to change course" is, to paraphrase Star Trek's chief engineer, what Ed Milliband has been saying these past weeks.

Brian Monteith: Quiet on the unionist front would be welcome

It WAS not especially surprising that the SNP should announce last week that Angus Robertson MP is to manage its referendum campaign for the nation's decision on independence; the party is enjoying its crushing victory over its unionist opponents and, as the party's manager of the Holyrood elections in 2007 and 2011, Robertson is the obvious choice.

Brian Monteith: WHO do they think they are?

Teenagers use them, grannies use them, lovers use them and Dom Joly has a really big one that helped make him famous. I am of course referring to mobile phones - the indispensable accessory of modern living.

Brian Monteith: Thanks for the sell-out, Barack

Millions sat down and were glued to the screens. It was a moment of US history, for no black American has made such an impact on contemporary US society. Many shed a tear listening to the words being uttered; some insightful, some humble, some, well, gushing.

Brian Monteith: Salmond must be made to sort out his tax demands

Many thought that handing the Scottish Parliament greater financial powers would bring a healthy dose of realism to hedonistic Holyrood. Alex Salmond's triumphal post-election speech proved that was wide of the mark.

Brian Monteith: Oh Lord, a good idea from Clegg

After such a humiliating thrashing from the voters, in the Scottish elections, in the English local elections and then in the Alternative Vote referendum, Nick Clegg may look down on his luck - but this week he bounced back up again with a new set of reforming proposals. This time he may be more fortunate and find some popular support for his efforts.

Brian Monteith: Time for our bungling unionists to sober up

Labour and Conservative leaders at Holyrood have for years been behaving like drunks in a brewery

Brian Monteith: Poll results just start of changes for city

What does last week's election mean for Edinburgh?

Brian Monteith: Unionists fail to force an answer

If the other three parties would make the SNP hold their independence referendum, politics could move on

Brian Monteith: Self-serving Lib Dems fool nobody

Desperate situations require desperate measures and Tavish Scott, the august leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats, was definitely feeling desperate.

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