Brian Hennigan

Brian Hennigan

Edinburgh must take centre stage at Fringe

FOLLOWING a ticketing fiasco that was like the Sermon on the Mount without the magic as staff tried to divide two fishes and five loaves between thousands of irate customers, the director of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe has resigned.

Surely Sean deserves his licence to criticise

WHEN can a well-known name saying nothing very remarkable cause much controversy? When the well-known name is Sean Connery and he's talking about his native Edinburgh.

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Unfair punishment does not fit the crime

WHERE can you perform an act of gross indecency and get someone else four months in prison and sacked? On Edinburgh's Cowgate. OK, the person getting the sack has to decide to appear to use their mobile phone to take photographs of the person committing the act. But that is basically what happened to an ambulance worker who was called to an incident in the Cowgate in February.

Piggy-back politicians take shine off winners

YOU know how there are some sports commentators whose voice you find rather irritating? There is something worse in the world of sport that we are going to get plenty of soon enough, and that is the sight of politicians thrusting themselves into handshake sessions with successful sportsmen and women.

Drop in custom serves our restaurants right

IF ever there was an example of dumb management, it's the concept of restaurants using tips to "top-up" waiters' salaries so that they hit the minimum legal wage requirement. Have you ever heard anything so stupid? Hey, why don't we totally de-motivate the primary contact person for our customers? Resentful, bitter employees are always good for business, particularly in service industries. Hmm – I wonder why these online reviews say our service is "shut" – that must b

Pram-pushing mums need bus perspective

IF there are two groups who shouldn't really be made to battle publicly for resources, it's mothers with young children and wheelchair users. I would not wish to be a member of either group when it comes to getting around. Edinburgh can be a cruel, cobbled place for people on non-motorised wheels. In picking sides you are bound to come across as someone who likes to torture kittens. After all, who would deny either poor wee mummies or disabled people anything?

Brian Hennigan - It's heroic to give up if you're a bit below par

LAST weekend saw the birth of a great Scottish hero. This moment might have been eclipsed by Greg Norman, hogging the limelight with his ridiculous over-50s golf heroics as if he didn't understand that only telegenic youngsters are worth national coverage.

Actions of buffoons are a load of old bull

I CAN'T claim any great friendship or knowledge of bulls, but I do know about their hit, if you see what I mean. The past few days have seen the usual "thrilling" television coverage of the so-called Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain. This involves a bunch of bulls being released into a section of the city where the side-streets have been cordoned off, creating an avenue down which the bulls will thunder.

Tubby fireman isn't a burning issue for me

A FIREFIGHTER in Aberdeen has been sacked for being too tubby. Regular readers will know that tubbiness isn't something this column endorses, but in this case there seems a worrying lack of detail.

Sean Connery International clear choice for take-off

THERE'S nothing worse than the way some wee airports ram the word "international" in their title as soon as the first charter flight to Malaga starts chugging down the runway. It's even worse when you discover that the "international" destination being used to stake the claim is somewhere like Cardiff or Norwich.

Wake up and smell the booze

IF you had any doubt that Edinburgh remains a contender in the Civic Buffoonery Premier League, consider the following. It has long been acknowledged by public, politicians and terrified French tourists alike that Edinburgh has a late-night drink problem; for those who have failed to witness the carnival of filth that passes for a Friday and Saturday night out in central Edinburgh, helpful puddles of vomit, urine and other less pleasant material can be found to suggest the tone of festivities.

So you have a tattoo? How terribly common

EDINBURGH has some of the finest tattoo and piercing shops in the UK. People who seek either tattoos or piercings are undoubtedly some of the finest people on the planet.

Everyone should pipe down about marches

AS someone who was born and baptised a Catholic, and who has even been known to tread the boards as an altar boy, the prospect of an Orange March is something that fills me with no particular feeling whatsoever.

Cut middle men out of the Fringe

THE Edinburgh Festival Fringe launches this Thursday, and no-one can mistake the air of depleted enthusiasm around every bus stop as citizens look forward to August and avoiding central Edinburgh as if the cobbled streets were awash with rotting halibut.

Fat chance I'm paying for your extra weight

EVERYONE should pay for what they consume. Life is not fair. These two facts combine to tell us that deliberately overweight people should pay more for their aeroplane tickets than others. This conclusion becomes important in the wake of the decision of American Airlines to charge all passengers for not the second but the first bag they "choose" to check-in. It is a practice other airlines are adopting.

A bit cagey over zoo's panda plan

THERE can't be a zoo anywhere in the world that doesn't want a Panda; they are the crown jewel of furry mammals. So it's hardly surprising that Edinburgh Zoo would become hugely excited at the prospect of getting hold of two.

The penny's dropped on charity press gangs

LIKE all modern cities, we have a problem with gangs of aggressive street-smart youngsters with nothing more on their minds than emptying our pockets – the roving teams of charity workers whose daily task is to make us feel awkward, guilty or happy enough to sign up for whatever charity they represent.

Green dream depends on economic forces

IMAGINE a world without flowers and/or orangutans. What type of world do you wish to leave your children? And not just your children but your children's children?

Terrified by a tourist's camera? Snap out of it

MEMBERS of the public – of which I am one – have their uses when it comes to tackling Osama Bin Laden and/or child pornography. Nothing gives me a greater thrill than the thought of being a front-line foot soldier against the evil forces of international terrorism and paedophilia.

The oldest profession needs a new approach

I'VE never paid anyone to lie underneath me but I have paid someone to lie under my sink. The geographical difference is important when it comes to differentiating between prostitutes and plumbers.

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