Bowel cancer

Bowel cancer

Male bowel cancer risk doubles in 30 years

A MAN's chances of developing bowel cancer have doubled in the past 30 years, figures show.

Aspirin 'guards against cancer'

A LOW dose of aspirin every day can significantly reduce the risk of suffering or dying from bowel cancer.

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Nation 'must learn to diagnose cancer earlier' if survival rates are to improve

MORE must be done to diagnose cancer earlier if survival rates are to increase in Scotland, a report has warned.

An aspirin a day may help keep bowel disease at bay

A LOW daily dose of aspirin could ward off bowel cancer, a study by Scottish researchers suggests.

Bigger waistlines increase bowel cancer risk

Carrying excess fat round the waist increases the risk of bowel cancer even if the rest of the body is slim, experts said today.

Gentle exercise could prevent 10,000 cases of breast and bowel cancer

THOUSANDS of cases of breast and bowel cancer could be prevented if people took more exercise, according to research published today.

Hopes raised of a breath test to sniff out most common cancers

A BREATH test could one day be used to detect four of the most common types of cancer, according to scientists.

Scots cancer treatment targets met – but 'postcode lottery' still exists

THE NHS in Scotland is hitting its target for speeding up access to cancer treatment, but variations persist across the country.

Bowel cancer test 'to save 150 lives a year'

MORE than 700,000 Scots could take advantage of a national bowel cancer screening programme from the New Year, it was announced yesterday.

Secret wait for cancer patients

CANCER patients are still waiting as long as a year to get life-saving hospital treatment, despite ministers' claims waiting time targets are being met.

A pint raises risk of liver and bowel cancer by 20%

DRINKING just one pint of beer a day increases the risk of liver and bowel cancer by a fifth, experts warned yesterday.

New bowel cancer gene discovered

A PREVIOUSLY unknown genetic defect linked to bowel cancer has been discovered that may pave the way to new drug treatments. Scientists believe the gene, CDK8, plays a role in many forms of colon cancer.

Cancer patients will be allowed to mix NHS and private treatments

PATIENTS should be allowed to pay privately for cancer drugs and still keep their free NHS care in certain cases, the Scottish Government indicated yesterday.

Tests 'could cut deaths from bowel cancer by 150 a year'

BOWEL cancer screening could save about 150 lives a year in Scotland, research revealed yesterday.

Bowel cancer home test kits 'will save lives' in Lothians

TENS of thousands of people in the Lothians are to be sent home-testing kits for bowel cancer.

Grant of £105,000 offers new hope for patients with bowel cancer

SCIENTISTS are to use pioneering technology to explore new ways of diagnosing and treating bowel cancer, it was announced yesterday.

Dying cancer patient wins battle to get NHS funding for treatment

A DYING cancer patient has persuaded a health board to reverse a decision not to fund the drug treatment he believes will prolong his life.

Two genes linked to greater risk of bowel cancer

SCIENTISTS have found two genes that might triple a person's risk of getting bowel cancer, according to a study.

Scots home 'lets English access cancer drugs'

ENGLISH cancer patients should take advantage of a legal loophole and rent a second home in Scotland to gain access to drugs not available to them at home, a lawyer has suggested.

A&E U-turn 'puts cancer care at risk'

NEW cancer services and local casualty units are under threat because of the Scottish Executive's decision to retain A&E services, it was revealed yesterday.

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