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Book review: Da Vinci’s Ghost, Toby Lester

IF YOU’RE lucky enough to get a ticket to the blockbuster Leonardo exhibition at the National Gallery in London this winter, the very first work of art you will see is a small and markedly unsensational drawing from the Royal Collection dated between 1490 and 1494.

Book review: Metamaus

THE year 1986 was a remarkable one for English language comics, as British creators Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons rewired superhero comics with Watchmen, and American writer-artist Frank Miller reinvented Batman in The Dark Knight Returns.

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Book review: Britain’s Empire: Resistance, Repression and Revolt

THE journalist and historian Richard Gott has long been tagged as “anti-British”, and even accused of links with the KGB. This pungent and provocative book will do nothing to appease his detractors.

Book review: The Wine of Solitude

The venom directed at the mother perversely has the reader sympathising with her

Book review: The Swerve: How the Renaissance began

Almost lost to history, the sole copy of an ancient Latin poem survived to spark the Renaissance and continue influencing thinkers today

Book review: Edible Stories: A Novel About Food in Sixteen Courses

At the risk of straining an analogy, this is like a taster menu that peaks too soon, dishing up its most exciting, intriguing, and inventive ingredients in the amuse bouche, and progressively running out of steam

Book review: Unusual uses for olive oil

The fecundity of the McCall Smith imagination is one of the wonders of the planet.

Arts diary: Labours of love to raise the profile of a burgeoning Highland winter festival

THE posters have gone up in Aberfeldy for its November music festival, curated in its second year by none other than novelist Ian Rankin. Like most things created by the Aberfeldy artist and musician Ryan Hannigan, the poster has a distinctively old-school look.

Book review: The Echo Chamber

The Echo Chamber BY Luke Williams Hamish Hamilton, 384pp, £18.99

Book reviews: Jute No More: Transforming Dundee | Undiscovered Dundee

The city of Dundee has never stood still - but are Dundonians reluctant to embrace change?

Book review: The Love and Death of Caterina

The Love and Death of Caterina by Andrew Nicoll Quercus, 358pp, £12.99

Book review: World War II Plans that Never Happened

World War II Plans that Never Happened by Michael Kerrigan Amber, 224pp, £19.99

Book reviews: The Blitz | Googled | Hitch-22

The Blitz by Juliet Gardiner (Harper Press, £8.99) ****

Book review: The Lion Wakes

The Lion Wakes by Robert Low Harper Collins. 439pp, £14.99

Book review: All About Love

All About Love by Lisa Appignanesi Virago, 401pp, £20

Book review: Quantum Man: Richard Feynman's Life in Science

Quantum Man: Richard Feynman's Life in Science By Lawrence M Krauss WW Norton, 350pp, £15.99

Book review: Long Time, No See

Long Time, No See by Dermot Healy Faber & Faber, 438pp, £12.99

Book review: Bullfighting

Bullfighting By Roddy Doyle Jonathan Cape, 224pp, £12.99

Book review: Being Human

BEING HUMAN BY NEIL ASTLEY Bloodaxe Books Limited, 512pp, £12

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