Stars on a quest as Bollywood hit reaches cinema

ONE of the most eagerly anticipated Bollywood film releases of the year is coming to Edinburgh.

Marriage turns ugly for India's No1 supermodel and her Scots husband

THEY were the beautiful people and the toast of New York's fashion scene. She was India's first supermodel who sashayed down the catwalk alongside Naomi Campbell. He was a Scottish model turned film producer who counted Guy Ritchie among his friends.

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Life imitates Bollywood art

THE teenage son of a Bollywood filmmaker eloped with his 13-year-old girlfriend, after being inspired by his father's film Live Only for Me in which two childhood sweethearts overcome odds to unite.

Two tribes go to war as wedding sparks Battle of Bollywood

A RAGING rivalry between two of India's biggest screen stars has worsened after a marriage in one of their families obliged actors and producers in the world's largest film industry to begin taking sides.

Court orders Gere arrest over kiss

AN INDIAN court ordered the arrest of Hollywood star Richard Gere yesterday for kissing the Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty at an AIDS campaign event this month, saying it was an obscene act committed in public.

Bollywood's own 'royal' wedding

TWO of India's biggest film stars - Abhishek Bachchan and a former Miss World, Aishwarya Rai - have finally got engaged after months of feverish speculation about their relationship.

Bollywood star beats terror charge

SANJAY Dutt, a Bollywood cinema action hero, was found guilty yesterday of possessing illegal arms but acquitted of a more serious conspiracy charge in a deadly terror attack that struck India 13 years ago.

Bollywood star joins colourful cast as Mela Festival makes song and dance

IT'S the largest film industry in the world, easily eclipsing Hollywood by churning out up to 800 films a year. But until relatively recently Bollywood movies were only known to a niche market in Scotland.

Board gets top billing at the Mela

A GIANT Bollywood billboard and one of the world's biggest-selling bhangra artists in the world will be among the main attractions at this year's Edinburgh Mela festival.

Choreographer's shock at child cast caught up in war

ONE of the biggest names in Bollywood cinema has spoken of his shock at seeing the conditions children in war-torn Sri Lanka have to endure.

Krrish, bang, wallop, what a picture

IS THE next big thing in superheroes a masked man who leaps from skyscraper to skyscraper, saves the world and suddenly breaks into song? Audiences will find out on June 23 when Krrish - a film that showcases Bollywood's first fully realised Superman-style hero - reaches cinema screens.

Freed Bollywood star tours Europe

BOLLYWOOD movie star Salman Khan, freed on bail last week after being convicted of killing an endangered deer on a hunting trip eight years ago, has begun work on songs and dances he will perform at concerts in Europe, his brother Sohail said today.

Spurned actress 'hired hitman to kill director'

A BOLLYWOOD actress has been charged with hiring a contract killer to murder a film director who refused to give her a part.

Blair vows to build UK links to Bollywood

TONY BLAIR today promised a deal with India which will see the British film industry building links with Bollywood.

Bollywood star caught up in casting couch scandal

A LEADING Bollywood actor was embroiled in a sex scandal last night after being filmed apparently offering to promote the career of an aspiring actress if she slept with him.

Film trio on death charge

AN INDIAN court yesterday denied bail to a Bollywood film-maker and two colleagues arrested on allegations of culpable homicide after the death of a British assistant, who was killed by a passing train during a film shoot.

Bollywood director faces ten years in jail

AN INDIAN film director faces a ten-year prison sentence after being charged with the culpable homicide of his British assistant who was hit by a train while filming last week.

Highland GM battle inspires Indians

ONE of the world’s leading opponents of genetically modified crops has backed the campaign to keep Scotland GM-free.

Mob-link verdict rocks Bollywood

A COURT handed down prison sentences yesterday against India’s top movie mogul and a film producer who worked with him, highlighting fears that organised crime has dug its claws into Bollywood, the world’s biggest film industry.

Star's arranged wedding is a Bollywood dream

KARISHMA Kapoor, the Indian actress who has tantalised millions with her suggestive dances and powerful acting, married a car dealer yesterday after a whirlwind romance that has captivated the country.

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