Bloody Sunday inquiry

Bloody Sunday inquiry

Bloody Sunday inquiry top QC's 'most emotional day'

ONE of the UK's most celebrated barristers, Michael Mansfield QC, has revealed that the culmination of the Bloody Sunday inquiry was the most emotional day of his career.

I forgive soldier who blinded me . . in fact, now we're quite a double act

A MAN who was blinded by a rubber bullet in Northern Ireland will be joined on stage by the Scottish soldier who shot him at an event in Edinburgh this summer.

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Lesley Riddoch: Come on guys, just keep your thoughts to yourselves

THE day this "story" broke in Scotland, our neighbours were performing a monumental act of forgiveness as the findings of the Saville Inquiry into Bloody Sunday were received outside the Guildhall in Derry.

Duncan Hamilton: Bloody Sunday soldiers cannot remain above the law

FOR the families of the 14 innocent civilians killed by British troops on Bloody Sunday in 1972, this has been an astonishing and exhilarating few days. Their fight for the truth about what happened on the streets of Londonderry has finally extracted the most comprehensive condemnation of the actions of the Parachute Regiment.

Inquest plea by soldier who shot and killed Londonderry teenager

A SCOTTISH soldier who shot and killed a teenage boy in Londonderry six months after Bloody Sunday has applied to be excused from his inquest on medical grounds.

Bloody Sunday lawyers get £86m from taxpayer

LAWYERS have received more than £86 million of public money for working on the Saville Inquiry into the Bloody Sunday deaths, it was disclosed last night.

Bloody Sunday marksmen identities still not clear

THE identities of the soldiers who shot most of the 13 civilians who died in Londonderry on Bloody Sunday, January 30, 1972, have still not been established, the inquiry into the killings was told yesterday.

Truth of Bloody Sunday victims revealed, says barrister

BLOODY Sunday victims have finally been cleared of findings that they were armed when soldiers opened fire, a barrister said yesterday.

Bloody Sunday lawyers pick up £67m fees

THE Bloody Sunday inquiry held its final evidence session yesterday as it was revealed the bill for the tribunal’s legal fees had reached £67 million.

Hume named as being Irish spy

JOHN Hume, the veteran Northern Ireland politician, was named as a spy yesterday in secret police documents handed over to the Bloody Sunday Inquiry.

IRA man 'tried to fire at army'

A FORMER member of the Royal Navy who joined the IRA described yesterday how his gun jammed as he tried to open fire on a soldier on Bloody Sunday.

Inquiry protects ex-IRA witnesses

THREE former IRA men who have agreed to give evidence to the Bloody Sunday Tribunal were granted anonymity yesterday.

Massacre inquiry's failings pre-warned

MINISTERS in Edward Heath’s Conservative government were privately warned that the official inquiry into the Bloody Sunday shootings would not satisfy critics of the army.

McGuinness admits he had leading role in Derry IRA

MARTIN McGuinness, the Sinn Fein chief negotiator, relented yesterday and gave an insight into his career as an IRA man, despite protesting it could compromise his political future.

IRA men told to 'hold fire' on Bloody Sunday

MARTIN McGUINNESS ordered IRA men not to attack British troops during the civil rights march that led to Bloody Sunday, he claimed today.

McGuinness is named as bomb runner

A FORMER IRA member claimed yesterday that Martin McGuinness, a Sinn Fein minister in the suspended Northern Ireland power-sharing executive, was involved in supplying detonators for nail bombs on Bloody Sunday.

Chief of Staff denies Bloody Sunday cover-up

THE British Army’s most senior officer told the Saville Inquiry into the Bloody Sunday massacre yesterday that he was not involved in a cover-up of his regiment’s role in the matter.

Ex-soldier denies executing victim

A FORMER paratrooper yesterday denied claims that he "finished off" a victim of the Bloody Sunday massacre who was lying on the ground after being shot in the back.

Bloody Sunday shots denied

A FORMER paratrooper denied yesterday that he lied about firing 19 shots at a sniper to cover up shooting some of the dead and wounded on Bloody Sunday.

Bloody Sunday soldier killed four

A FORMER paratrooper yesterday admitted killing up to four people during the civil rights march massacre which became known as Bloody Sunday - but denied murder.

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