Birds of prey

Birds of prey

Twitterers on stand by for unusual sightings

TENS of thousands of Scots are expected to take to their gardens tomorrow to count birds as part of the RSPB's annual Big Garden Birdwatch.

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Feathers fly as conservationists reveal plan to cull birds

THE dawn chorus may ring clearer in the Scottish Borders due to a controversial plan to trap and kill crows and magpies in a bid to protect songbirds.

Autobiography of a Scottish osprey set be best seller

BOOKSHOP shelves are already groaning with life stories of the likes of Katie Price, Susan Boyle and even fictional Russian meerkat Alexandr Orlov.

Sites designated for golden eagle protection

Protection is being increased for one of Scotland's most iconic bird's of prey.

Numbers are high in Scotland, yet the sparrowhawk is still a rare sight

The sparrowhawk is the low-flying jet fighter of the bird world; watch him go at breakneck speed only feet above the ground, up and over a hedge, quickly back down to ground level again and then veer tightly around a bush to flush out a young greenfinch.

Old Lady of the Lowes not expected to make it back

BIRD lovers bid an emotional farewell yesterday to the grand old lady of Scotland's ospreys on what wildlife experts fear may be her final migratory flight from the Highland loch that has been her home for the past two decades.

Scotland and Ireland to confer over eagle poisonings

SCOTLAND'S environment minister is planning to meet her counterpart in Ireland to address how to tackle poisoning of birds of prey in the two countries.

Eight red kite chicks found poisoned

EIGHT rare red kite chicks have died after they were accidentally given poisoned food by adult birds.

Thieves take flight as falcon chicks saved by bodyguards

FOR the last 15 years they have fallen victim to thieves who raid their nest for their valuable offspring.

Grand old Lady back on her feet

THE UK's oldest breeding osprey has apparently recovered, after she seemed to be at death's door at the weekend.

Eagle's sticky situation a vital part of her rescue

THE eagle has landed for a shocked crew anchoring in one of Britain's remotest lochs.

Children tracking red kite trigger huge bird poisoning raid by police

WILDLIFE crime investigators raided a Scottish estate after schoolchildren monitoring a rare red kite sparked a major inquiry.

Rare bird spreads his wings to visit Yorkshire cousins

A RARE red kite bred in the Highlands has been spreading its wings by flying to England to meet other birds.

Landowners unite to call for prosecutions over bird poisoning

MORE than 200 Scottish landowners have issued an unprecedented condemnation of wildlife crime and called for those involved in the illegal poisoning of birds of prey to face the "full weight of the law".

Double chicks blow for sea eagle 'stars' Skye and Frisa

TWO celebrity sea eagles who won the hearts of the nation as stars of BBC's Springwatch have suffered a double breeding blow.

Three golden eagles among birds found 'poisoned' on Scots estate

THE HIGHLAND estate where Madonna was married was yesterday at the centre of a major investigation into the deaths of five birds of prey, including three golden eagles.

Illegal killing has put recovery of birds of prey at risk

THE illegal killing of eagles and other birds of prey is jeopardising population numbers, MSPs were warned yesterday.

Outdoors: Sea eagle spotting

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the first successful breeding of a pair of Scottish sea eagles on the Isle of Mull, following the reintroduction programme that began on Rum in 1975. It was a landmark event for Scottish conservationists, providing inspiration for the subsequent reintroduction of the red kite and more recently the beaver.

Illegal killing blamed for hitting red kite numbers

ILLEGAL killing is severely hampering efforts to increase the number of red kites in the north of Scotland, according to new research.

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