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Allan Massie: Difficult hands to play in referendum game

Alex Salmond and David Cameron both have risks and problems to face over the ballot, writes Allan Massie

Analysis: Perverse omission of the D-word

GARY GILLESPIE, Scotland’s chief economist, may have stuck like a limpet to his neutral brief and chosen his words with care. But just in case the journalists didn’t get the message, a government minder was on hand as we left, dishing out a press release from finance secretary John Swinney: “UK Inaction Threatens Growth” it boldly proclaimed.

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Terry Murden: Positive signs but too early for bunting and balloons

MORE positive data on the economy is expected this week, daring us to ask if we are about to see a spring bounce.

UK in line to avoid return to recession

Figures due out this week are expected to add to positive signs that economy is growing again

BILL JAMIESON: Banks must lend a hand with recovery

HERE is a simple but troubling question. It is one I put last week in a talk to the Chartered Institute of Bankers in Scotland, which has a direct bearing on prospects for the banks and has wider and more pressing relevance. It is a question now worrying a great many.

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Brian Monteith: Osborne must forget Lib Dems and cut tax

As the March budget fast approaches the Chancellor is having to face up to problems he thought he had avoided. Here’s a wee list in case you need reminding:

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Looking ahead to 2012: Scotland’s economy

SCOTLAND’S economy in 2012 comes in four parts – the Good, the Bad, the Ugly and the Downright Ugly. Let’s start with the Good. Remember as the orchestra of the Titanic strikes up to greet 2012 that we begin with 2.4 million Scots still in work – an economic activity rate of 77.8 per cent that’s up on the level a year ago.

Bill Jamieson: Shifting focus from diversification to dividends

IN A DEEPLY troubled and volatile outlook, investors wrestle with a timeless dilemma: how to increase income from equity investments while maintaining diversification by geography and sector.

Bill Jamieson: Brighter spots beyond the euro gloom, but still little to celebrate

AMID the unending, relentless eurozone debt crisis, two likely developments have not come to pass: the euro has not collapsed and Western stock markets have not imploded


Bill Jamieson: Divide and conquer: a letter from the future

ATHENS, 13 NOVEMBER 2015; IT SEEMS astonishing, given everything the continent has been through, that I am able to report a positive and upbeat end to the annual Europa/International Monetary Fund summit here in Athens. Even the British Prime Minister seemed in euphoric mood.

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Bill Jamieson: Salmond’s ‘Plan MacB’ not working

Scottish Government statistics hide the reality of our troubled economy

Bill Jamieson: Meet Scotland’s new successors to the Rooster Club

BACK in the dark days of the 1991-92 recession, I was a back-row member of a small but select grouping that called itself the Rooster Club. It comprised businessmen, entrepreneurs, one or two medium sized cheeses from the CBI and figures from the City.

Bill Jamieson: Raging bulls are not responsible for investment trusts’ issues

WHAT is the greater worry now in the investment trust world – the discount to which trusts stand on their underlying assets, or the premium?

Bill Jamieson: Economy still trapped in Eurozone storm that shows no signs of easing

SO MUCH for the Prime Minister’s “blue skies ahead” assurance to the Conservative Party faithful last Wednesday. By Friday morning the front pages blazed with the dire warnings of Bank of England governor Sir Mervyn King. “This,” he declared, “is the most serious financial crisis we’ve seen since the 1930s, if not ever.”

Bill Jamieson: When the pay-off just doesn’t add up

Cameron’s swift about-turn on credit card debt reveals some sobering truths about the state of the economy

Renewables plan may force city to OK green belt homes

Turning Leith Docks into a major renewable energy hub instead of building 18,000 homes could force the city council to allow homes to be built on the green belt, the city’s planning leader said today.

Bill Jamieson: Fair to middling? Not on your life

Politicians should prepare for a furious backlash from those sick of being ignored and exploited

Bill Jamieson: Pros and cons of a Scotland-only cut in corporation tax

IN RECENT years, control of corporation tax has been a key plank of SNP economic policy. Lower rates of corporation tax tend to be associated with higher growth performance, though they are not by themselves guarantors of growth. The campaign for a Scottish-determined tax regime takes a step forward this week with the publication of a paper on lower business tax.

Bill Jamieson: Has our economy gone into reverse?

LET'S not beat about the bush or wait till next January for the Scottish Government's "aye late" statistics to tell us what we already know: the economy north of the Border may already be in recession - and with no exit in view.

Bill Jamieson: Hissing Sid rattles the eurozone

Economist Ottmar Issing has fired an excoriating attack on the course European history is taking

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