Big cats

Big cats

Footprints in the snow – wildcat captured on camera

A RARE wildcat sighting outside its Highland heartland has been captured on film in the grounds of a historic castle in Aberdeenshire.

Monitoring of Scottish wildcat stepped up

SPECIALIST surveillance equipment is helping experts track one of the country's most elusive predators in its Scottish stronghold.

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Expats fund bid to save the Scottish wildcat

A MASSIVE conservation project backed by American dollars is to be launched this summer in a bold attempt to bring the Scottish wildcat back from the brink of extinction.

Caught on film … the beast of Helensburgh

THE mysterious big cats of legend are on the prowl once more.

Analysis: Big cat tales aplenty, but prowling pumas unlikely

IS IT possible for a "big cat" to survive in Scotland's climate? Yes. But I'm sceptical that any are. Let me explain.

Policeman stunned by 'big cat' sighting in Scottish countryside

A MILITARY policeman today spoke of his shock after capturing dramatic footage of a big cat prowling close to a naval base.

On the prowl for no ordinary moggy

EVERY winter, Robert Stewart hears the same apocryphal story. Sufficiently rich in detail, yet vague enough to withstand any rigorous scrutiny, it is germinated by the idle gossip and banter of village life, before falling dormant for another year.

Police warn public of puma on the prowl after attack on horse

POLICE chiefs have issued a warning for members of the public to beware of big cats after a suspected puma attack on a horse.

Was it The Beast of Duffus?

WITH its small head, pointy ears and broad shoulders, the panther-like black beast prowling out of the woodland looked like no ordinary house cat.

Becht polishes off £22m pay deal

BART Becht, the Dutchman at the helm of Mr Sheen polish company Reckitt Benckiser, has emerged as one of the highest paid executives in the FTSE 100 with a pay, bonus and share option deal of over £22 million.

Reed to seek £1m severance payout from Standard Life

ALISON Reed, the former finance director of Standard Life, looks set to launch legal action against the Edinburgh life and pensions giant after her departure last October.

Big cat panic as police reveal 185 sightings

ARE they pumas, leopards, lynx or simply the figments of overactive imaginations?

Panic-stricken villagers batter two leopards to death

FRIGHTENED people have chased and battered to death two rare leopards in India, highlighting increasing numbers of endangered wildlife that are killed as rapid economic development destroys habitats.

Close encounter with big cat

A MYSTERY big cat is on the prowl in the north-east of Scotland, according to police.

Private lives of UK's big cats

TWELVE lions, 14 tigers and 50 leopards are being kept by licensed private owners in Britain, researchers say.

The Beast of Buchan

UP AHEAD, the sleek outline of the big cat is unmistakable. The black muzzle thrusts forward in search of its prey. The ears are cocked, straining for every sound. Every taut muscle suggests a stealthy strength, economy of movement and lightning speed.

Hunting big cats to be outlawed

THE hunting of lions and other big cats bred in captivity purely to be shot will be outlawed under legislation due to come into force in South Africa next year.

Police on trail of 'puma' cat

SIGHTINGS of a "puma-sized" cat in a country park led to a police search being launched today.

Leopard spotted at British Embassy

Staff at the British Embassy in Addis Ababa have called in a leopard catcher after one of the animals was spotted roaming the lawns.

UK big cat sightings take a leap

MORE than 10,000 sightings of unusual and exotic animals have been reported in the UK since 2000 and the figure is set to grow, according to a new study.

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