Gonna gnaw dae that - dam riddle solved

THEY were supposed to have vanished from Scotland's landscape 400 years ago after being hunted to extinction for their precious pelts.

Beaver positives outweigh negative impact on fish

BEAVERS harm freshwater fish by blocking rivers with dams and silting up streams, a report has concluded.

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Heart problems mean it's an end to wild living for beaver

ONE of ten Norwegian beavers let loose in Scotland as part of a reintroduction programme has been taken permanently into captivity after it developed heart problems.

Beavers build themselves a dam fine des res

IT is a forest lodge, custom-built to the highest Scandinavian standards, in a stunning loch-side location.

The dammed united? Race against time to trace scattered beavers

IT'S 400 years since beavers were last seen on the banks of Scotland's lochs and rivers.

Beavers back in wilds of Scotland for first time in 400 years

THREE families of beavers will today become the first to be released into the wild in Scotland for more than 400 years.

Return of the beaver 'will hit' £100m angling catch

BRITAIN'S anglers have stepped up their campaign against controversial proposals to return beavers to Scotland, amid growing fears that the initiative could severely damage fish stocks and threaten a leisure industry worth £100 million a year to the Scottish economy.

Salmon board damns plan to introduce beavers to Scotland

ONE of Scotland's leading salmon fishery boards yesterday launched a fresh assault on proposals to reintroduce beavers into Britain, warning the initiative could severely damage fish stocks and threaten a leisure industry worth £100 million a year to the Scottish economy.

Cricket hero Botham among celebrity anglers who fear reintroduction of Beavers will decimate salmon stocks

SIR Ian Botham, the former England cricketer, is spearheading a campaign to prevent beavers being reintroduced to the Scottish countryside amid fears they could devastate wild salmon stocks.

Bringing beavers back to Scotland 'could devastate country's salmon and sea trout populations'

CONTROVERSIAL plans to reintroduce beavers to Scotland should be abandoned before the animals devastate the country's salmon and sea trout populations and threaten a £70 million industry.

Beavers' return to Scotland comes one step closer

It is more than 400 years since beavers last negotiated the rivers and waterways of Scotland.

Three bites and out for fugitive beaver

AN ESCAPED beaver which chopped down six apple trees in Perthshire has been recaptured after being lured into a trap by its favourite food.

Beavers go wild in the country for first time in 250 years

THE evidence is all around. A carefully half-felled willow droops into the water, fresh leaves above the surface billowing in the slight breeze. The remains of three saplings, cut near their bases as if with a sculptor's axe, jut up towards the sky.

Oh, dam it! They've really collared me this time

THE long arm of the law has collared one fugitive and is closing in on the second. For the Bridge of Earn Two - beavers living illegally in the wild - the game is almost up.

They were just beavering away - now Bridge of Earn Two are on run

A FAMILY of beavers who set up home in rural Perthshire are to be hunted down and thrown into captivity after being declared animal outlaws.

A gnawing pain or a welcome worker? On the trail of the rogue beaver

IT WAS such a beautiful morning that Jake Moorcock thought he would check his apple trees for signs of an early spring. The trouble was - they had gone.

Martin is a natural on beavers

THE Edinburgh Natural History Society is to give a talk on the re-introduction of beavers to a Scottish forest.

Beaver reserve 'could be illegal'

A LANDOWNER who is trying to reintroduce beavers into Britain is to be investigated by government officials after it was revealed he has no licence to release the animals into the wild.

I'll be dammed, beavers are on the way back to UK

BEAVERS are set to be reintroduced to the UK for the first time in 500 years.

Eager for beavers

Forester's friend or furry chainsaw? The busy little Castor fiber falls into the latter category as far as our politicians are concerned and their decision not to rubber-stamp plans to welcome beavers back to Scotland is breeding revolution in the ranks of the country's conservation bodies.

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