Beauly-Denny power line

Beauly-Denny power line

Beauly-Denny powerline could go underground - experts

CAMPAIGNERS claim two new studies have boosted the case for a controversial powerline linking the Highlands to Central Scotland to be buried underground.

Green energy tax could fund land buyouts, says professor

A LEVY on green energy developments such as the Beauly-Denny power line could fund community land buyouts, according to a leading campaigner.

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Protesters: power line go-ahead broke rules

CAMPAIGN groups have written to Scotland's energy minister demanding that a public inquiry into the controversial Beauly to Denny power line be reopened for legal reasons.

Health concerns over Beauly-Denny power line 'almost totally ignored'

ENERGY minister Jim Mather has been asked to explain the health advice he considered before approving a controversial 137-mile power line.

Beauly-Denny work to start this year but final costs are still unknown

WORK to prepare the way for the controversial Beauly to Denny power line will begin later this year in the hope it will be completed within four years.

Government attacked over 'inconsistencies' in power line ruling

THE Scottish Government has been accused of taking an inconsistent approach to communities living along the route of the proposed Beauly-Denny power line.

Power firms reject burial of Beauly-Denny cables

THE energy giants responsible for the controversial Beauly to Denny power line have ruled out burying any sections of the cable underground, The Scotsman can reveal.

Campaigners reveal legal hope over power lines

CAMPAIGNERS against a power line to be built through some of Scotland's most spectacular scenery claimed last night that the handling of its approval boosted hopes of a legal challenge.

Energy minister Jim Mather gave green light to power line despite advice

ENERGY minister Jim Mather rejected the recommendations of inquiry reporters when he approved the entire Beauly to Denny power line.

Green light for £80m wind farm to feed Beauly-Denny power line

THE Scottish Government yesterday approved an £80 million wind farm that will feed into the controversial Beauly-Denny power line, given the go-head last week.

Power and the glory of our landscape

BILL Jamieson (Opinion, 8 January) is plain wrong about the Beauly-Denny upgrade.

Beauly-Denny: Shock to the system

HAVING overcome some 18,000 objections while withstanding the longest and most expensive planning inquiry in Scottish history, the country's renewable energy industry has met the go-ahead to upgrade electricity transmission lines between Beauly and Denny with exhausted relief.

Jim Mather faces questions over power line approval

ENERGY minister Jim Mather is to be grilled by MSPs over his decision to approve a controversial power line through some of Scotland's most scenic countryside.

Bill Jamieson: Beauly - Denny power line is 'like taking a razor blade to a Rembrandt'

WAIVE opposition from four local authorities. Discard the status of a national park. Overrule the objections of more than 18,000. And allow through the greatest act of environmental spoliation inflicted on Scotland.

Beauly to Denny transmission line: Questions still remain over tourism impact

THE Beauly to Denny inquiry reporters were unable to gauge the likely impact on tourism of the massive power line expansion, according to their report.

Revealed: How key assessor cast doubt on need for new Beauly-Denny power line

A KEY assessor involved in the controversial Beauly to Denny transmission line public inquiry was not convinced the huge upgrade was justified on technical grounds, his report has revealed.

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