Bay City Rollers

Bay City Rollers

Site now Shang-a-Lang Loan as ex-Roller plans development

EX-BAY City Rollers star Pat McGlynn is set to turn property speculator as he awaits the outcome of a multi-million pound legal wrangle over royalties from the band's heyday.

Ex-Rollers star Longmuir tells of imposter

FORMER Bay City Rollers star Alan Longmuir has told how an imposter has turned up in Spain claiming to be him.

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Scam-a-lang: Ex-Roller Alan Longmuir's identity is stolen by Costa Blanca barber

IN HIS heyday he was one of the world's most famous pop stars, with millions of devoted fans around the world.

Roller beaten up in his car

FORMER Bay City Roller Pat McGlynn was attacked in his car just days after getting out of hospital following a heart attack.

Roller's relief as row that nearly killed him nears end

A BITTER dispute between Bay City Rollers star Pat McGlynn and the city council is set to be resolved after a six-year battle.

Interview: Les McKeown, Bay City Rollers

LES McKeown is a happy man. It makes a change. The last time we spoke he was lost in a fug of alcoholism and despair, mourning the deaths of his parents and consumed with bitterness about the way his life had turned out.

Former Bay City Rollers manager Tam Paton leaves £2.7m estate to animal and child charities

THE multi-million pound fortune of controversial music mogul Tam Paton is to go to children's and animal charities.

Paton leaves £2.7m to animals and children

THE multi-million-pound fortune of controversial music mogul Tam Paton is to go to children's and animal charities.

Bandmates return for Paton tribute

FORMER bandmates of the ex-Bay City Rollers manager Tam Paton will be reunited at a special memorial concert in his honour later this year, with some even flying in from America for the event.

Chef jailed after threats to ex-Bay City Roller

A CHEF who tried to extort money out of Bay City Roller star Pat McGlynn after the former rocker won a restaurant has been jailed for a year.

Tam Paton's colourful lifestyle hid darker tales

TAM Paton's bottom lip quivered. He shifted awkwardly on his red leather chair, crossed his legs to reveal sports socks under his suit trousers and his mood – earlier upbeat and jocular – turned dark and melancholy.

Pioneer Tam Paton milked success for Bay City Rollers

Rollermania captured hearts of millions but it was tireless work of band's manager that created the perfect boy group

How Tam Paton made rock history with the Bay City Rollers

IT was more rejection than the young keyboard player could handle. The Crusaders had just crashed to a humiliating tenth place out of 12 acts at a showpiece London talent contest in front of celebrity judges Ringo Starr and Cilla Black.

Tam Paton gives a little love to cats and dogs

FORMER Bay City Rollers manager Tam Paton had told staff at the Edinburgh Dog and Cat that he would leave them some money in his will.

Memorial of mixed emotions at Tam Paton's farewell service

EVEN the minister at Tam Paton's funeral had to admit that it would be a day of mixed emotions.

Hundreds turn out to say final goodbye to Bay City Rollers boss

TAM Paton, the controversial music manager who engineered the Bay City Rollers' rise to fame, was cremated yesterday.

Ex-Bay City Rollers boss Tam Paton is cremated

CONTROVERSIAL Bay City Rollers manager Tam Paton has been laid to rest with a ceremony at Mortonhall Crematorium in Edinburgh.

Rollers chief linked to sex abuse network

A GOVERNMENT adviser on sex crimes has claimed Bay City Rollers manager Tam Paton was involved with an abuse ring which claimed dozens of youngsters as victims.

Bay City Rollers stars reveal their mixed feelings over Tam Paton

FORMER Bay City Roller Alan Longmuir today insisted he will remember Tam Paton for the man he was in the early days of the band, not the controversial character he became.

Roller Les still bitter as Paton dies

HE WAS the pop Svengali who sent the Bay City Rollers around the world in a blizzard of tartan scarves and flares. Tam Paton, the band's manager who convinced young fans that the "Rollers" favoured milk over alcohol, but whose later career was soured by allegations of drug-dealing and convictions for sexual abuse, has died. He was 70.

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