Basra prisoner abuse

Basra prisoner abuse

Army hero quits over new 'abuse' inquiry

A WAR hero cleared of abusing Iraqi civilians in custody has quit the army over fears that he could face a fresh investigation.

Judge clears British officers of allowing Iraqi prisoner abuse

THE final two British soldiers on trial over allegations of abusing Iraqi prisoners were cleared yesterday, amid claims they should never have been prosecuted.

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Soldiers 'laughed' as they beat detainees, court martial told

AN IRAQI civilian said British soldiers took bets on who could knock him down and celebrated beating him "like it was Christmas", a court martial heard yesterday.

Colonel accused of allowing detainee abuse

A DECORATED army colonel allowed his men to abuse nine Iraqi detainees in direct breach of the Geneva Convention, a court was told yesterday.

Coalition forces 'failing to stop Iraq prisoner abuse'

AMNESTY International has accused UK and US troops of failing to stop the abuse of prisoners in Iraq.

Beatings tape brings more fall-out in Iraq

THE ruling council of Maysan province, in Southern Iraq, is to freeze ties with the British authorities over the recently released videotape of UK soldiers beating Iraqi youths during a 2004 riot there.

Battalion quizzed as soldier held for Iraq beatings

AN ENTIRE British military unit was last night "assisting with inquiries" over the video footage of UK soldiers beating Iraqi civilians.

Three soldiers identified in Iraqi teen beatings footage

AT least three of the soldiers caught on video beating Iraqi teenagers are understood to have been identified by Royal Military Police investigators.

Reprimand for US interrogator who killed general

A US Army interrogator facing up to life behind bars for killing an Iraqi general by stuffing him head-first into a sleeping bag and sitting on his chest will instead escape with a reprimand, a military jury ruled early today.

Shocking pictures released of 'tortured' Iraqi prisoners

GRUESOME images of battered and bruised Iraqi prisoners allegedly tortured by Shiah militants inside a Baghdad jail were released today.

British soldiers face new Iraq abuse claims

BRITISH troops are facing fresh allegations of abusing Iraqi prisoners.

Army colonel hits out at eagerness to press charges on soldiers

A SENIOR British Army officer in Iraq spoke out today at the readiness of the authorities to press charges against soldiers serving in the field.

From killers to carers: the soldiers' task

LIKE thousands of other British soldiers in early 2003, I endured countless briefings, lectures and power point presentations on the dangers we would face on arrival in Iraq.

More soldiers face war crime charges

DOZENS more British soldiers are facing the threat of prosecution for war crimes over events which occurred in Iraq during and after the invasion of the country in 2003.

Three British soldiers accused of war crimes against detainees

THREE British soldiers are to stand trial for the war crime of inhumane treatment of detainees in Iraq, the Attorney General said last night.

Sentences cut

TWO of the British soldiers convicted of abusing Iraqi prisoners in Basra have had their sentences reduced, the Ministry of Defence said yesterday.

Army chief faces 'war crime' charges

A BRITISH Army commander decorated for his actions in Iraq is under investigation for "war crimes".

Prison photo of Saddam in his underwear prompts US inquiry

THE United States military launched an immediate investigation yesterday after photographs taken in prison of Saddam Hussein dressed in his underpants appeared in a British newspaper.

More UK soldiers face Iraq charges

NEARLY 50 British servicemen could be prosecuted for murder, assault and other "war" crimes committed in Iraq, it was claimed last night.

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