AV referendum

AV referendum

Henry McLeish: Forget the tribalism of the past, this is an opportunity to vote Yes for a new tomorrow

THE 5 May referendum on the Alternative Vote could just be the start of something significant – a reform, leading to genuinely new politics for a new era. It will help bring Westminster into the 21st century. More significantly it will help give politics a renewed sense of purpose. Labour leader Ed Miliband is right to support the Alternative Vote.

You are an affront to democracy, Henry McLeish tells anti-AV group

FORMER First Minister Henry McLeish has launched a fierce attack on members of the No to AV campaign, labelling them an "affront to democracy".

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Debate: Clash over 'distraction' of referendum

Plans for a referendum on Scottish independence will not be brought forward until at least 2014, Alex Salmond said yesterday.

Coalition can survive AV rift Cameron and Clegg insist

PRIME Minister David Cameron and his deputy Nick Clegg have both insisted that the coalition government can survive this week's referendum on electoral reform, as tensions over the campaign heightened.

Campaigners urged to stick to voting systems

THE two sides of the referendum on voting reform should focus on the merits of the case, David Cameron has said, as recriminations over campaigns continue to put a strain on his coalition with the Liberal Democrats.

Letter: AV is a winner

YOUR report that a majority in Scotland now opposes the Alternative Vote system (25 April) made for depressing reading.Why has more not been done to tell voters about the Australian experience of AV and other similar preferential voting systems?

Scots go cool on change to voting system as the Lib Dems get heated

SCOTS look set to turn their backs on reform of the Westminster voting system in the forthcoming referendum on a switch to the AV alternative vote system of electing MPs.

Leader: Sour tone of AV debate helps no-one

TWO developments have broken through the near silence that has prevailed over the referendum on the alternative vote (AV) in Scotland.

Clegg hits at 'falsehoods' in AV battle

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg hit out yesterday at "distractions and falsehoods" being used by campaigners against a change in the electoral system.

Cameron says No to AV - but Yes to using PR system to help Scots Tories

DAVID Cameron has made a pitch to Scottish voters to make the Tories their second option in May's Holyrood election, "whatever they do" in the constituency section of the poll.

Clegg shrugs off 'vitriol' of No to AV campaign

DEPUTY Prime Minister Nick Clegg insists he is thick-skinned enough to deal with the personal attacks he has sustained in the run-up to the Alternative Vote (AV) referendum.

Bill Jamieson: Is the glue about to come unstuck?

A defeat on AV for the Lib Dems could spark the crisis that the coalition was designed to avoid

Gerald Warner: AV or not AV: that is the question we can't be bothered with

COO! Look at that: David Cameron sharing a platform with John Reid - there's ecumenical for you. It is testimony to the gravity of the threat posed by the Alternative Vote (AV) system that such strange bedfellows should unite.

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