Autism campaign

Autism campaign

Alan Somerville: A strategy on autism must be developed

One of the many challenges facing the new Holyrood administration is the need to develop a comprehensive strategy for autism in Scotland.

Expert links autism to mothers drinking

MODERATE drinking during pregnancy could be the hidden cause of thousands of serious childhood disorders including autism, Scotland's leading authority on alcohol and health warned last night.

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'Ignorant' employers missing out

PEOPLE with autism are being discriminated against by employers and denied education because of ignorance.

'Train class teachers to recognise autism'

TEACHERS must be given training to cope with the rising numbers of autistic children in mainstream schools, campaigners said yesterday.

Failing autistic children

Carol Evans, of the National Autistic Society Scotland, warns "many parents are forced to battle for appropriate educational support for their children, with many youngsters left in limbo for months while they are tormented daily by other pupils" (your report, 29 October). Unfortunately, this warning has become all too true.

Days of screams and headbanging are over

AS a youngster, James Paton would scream and bang his head against the wall while his parents struggled to pacify him.

Card scheme to put autistic people beyond suspicion

CHRIS Hunter is autistic. He is not a criminal, yet he is regularly stopped by police.

Confronting ignorance on autism

FOR a condition first identified more than 60 years ago, it is remarkable that so little is generally known about autism. This lack of understanding is even more remarkable considering that autism spectrum disorders are estimated by the National Autism Society to affect the lives of more than 500,000 families in the UK.

Ignorance of autism is ruining lives

BULLIED by their classmates as children, shunned by neighbours as parents, and refused work as adults, the lives of thousands of Scots are being devastated by ignorance about autism..

Strategy for autism agreed

A STRATEGY to ensure proper support is provided for children with autism has been approved by West Lothian Council.

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