Mum wins £130k school fees fight

COUNCIL bosses have been told they have to find up to £130,000 a year in extra school fees for an autistic boy after a dramatic court ruling.

Against all odds: A young man living with autism

The Autism (Scotland) Bill goes before parliament today. One of its biggest supporters is a young man who knows what it's like to live with the disorder. Here is his story

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MSP defiant as committee dismisses autism bill

A BILL aimed at improving ser-vices for people with autism has been rejected by a Holyrood committee.

William McGonagall, we're sorry to say, was born that way

WILLIAM Topaz McGonagall has been reviled and revered as Scotland's worst poet.

Simple MRI brain scan offers autism diagnosis in 15 minutes

A SIMPLE brain scan could help diagnose autistic adults and children in just 15 minutes, researchers believe.

Autism work project hailed

A SCHEME has been launched to help autistic people get into work.

New company targets autistic staff

AUTISTIC people in Scotland are to be helped find specialist work testing software.

Action urged on autism

A NATIONAL charity is hoping to influence changes in the law to help the half a million people in the UK affected by autism.

Babbling of babies can offer clues to autism

BABIES with autism can be identified by listening to the noises they make, scientists have discovered.

Autistic children 'let down by NHS'

THE NHS is failing autistic youngsters, a charity has warned. More than 70 per cent of children with autism also have a mental health problem which is treatable, such as depression.

Urine test detects autism

AUTISM in children could soon be detected with a urine test.

Welcome for national strategy on autism care

CAMPAIGNERS have welcomed moves to set up a national autism strategy by MSPs at Holyrood.

Autism award first for Scots school

A PRIMARY school has become the first mainstream school in Scotland to be given accreditation from the National Autistic Society.

Majority think autistic children just 'naughty'

IGNORANCE about autism has been highlighted by a new UK survey which shows most people think autistic children are simply "naughty".

Autism: We need the right support, this is a lifelong problem

'YOU feel like a genius," explains 17-year-old Simon Simpson confidently. "But you cannot understand some things and sometimes you don't want eye contact with people.

Watchdog pulls advert pushing autism cure

A NEWSPAPER advert which promoted a cure for autism breached UK guidelines.

Autism may be caused by breakdown of sense of smell, say Scots scientists

NEW research into how animals bond with each other could shed light on the causes of autism and anxiety disorders, scientists believe.

Sex may hold key to treating autism

A NATURAL hormone released in the brain during sex might hold the key to treating autism.

Andrew Wakefield - doctor who linked MMR to autism - is damned by General Medical Council

THE General Medical Council today ruled that controversial doctor Andrew Wakefield had showed a "callous disregard" for the suffering of children.

Caring parents aim to make life easier for autistic teens

SHARON Ruderham knew there had to be some mistake when she opened her cable TV bill and found a charge of more than £300.

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