Scott Macnab

Scott Macnab: Why Salmond’s joke isn’t funny any more

The former First Minister’s difficulties over a Fringe quip raise wider questions about changing attitudes, says Scott Macnab

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The Scottish Parliament has been hit by a cyber attack. Picture: TSPL

Catholic Church calls for action on religious hate crime

Catholic Church leaders are to hold talks with the Scottish Government amid escalating concerns about the level of religious hate crime in Scotland, it has emerged.

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Nicola Sturgeon speaks at the official opening of the recently completed section of the M8 motorway. Picture: Getty Images

New ‘missing link’ M8 section cuts 20 minutes off journeys

Motorists are saving up to 20 minutes in their journey along Scotland’s busiest motorway since an improvement scheme was put in place.

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Former First Minister Alex Salmond launches his Fringe show at the Assembly Rooms in Edinburgh. Picture: PA

Alex Salmond: Scots will vote for independence within 4 years

Scottish independence has been "inevitable" since the creation of Holyrood two decades ago, Alex Salmond today said.

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Damian Green says a deal will be reached

Holyrood to get new powers ‘at the point of Brexit’

Major EU powers could devolved to Holyrood on the stroke of Brexit in a bid to break the deadlock with the between the Scottish Government and Westminster.

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It remains to be seen if Alex Salmonds time as a festival turn indicates his political career is over, says Scott Macnab.

Scott Macnab: Is Alex Salmond now forever on the fringe?

The former First Minister may now be a festival turn but his impact on Scotland is hard to overstate, writes Scott Macnab

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Despite attempts at change, almost a third of custodial sentences imposed are still for three months. Picture: Getty Images

Scott Macnab: Prison dilemma facing Scots judges

Calls to scrap sentences of less than a year could undermine the independence of sheriffs, says Scott Macnab

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A dead mouse caught in one of the traps. Picture: PETA

Holyrood urged to pioneer ban on glue traps

Campaigners have launched a Holyrood bid to ban “cruel” glue traps amid growing fears they cause unnecessary suffering to many animals wrongly caught in them.

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Party leaders have all benefited from Holyroods dual system. Picture: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

Choose between constituency and list, MSPs told

A move to ban “rejected” MSPs from securing a return to Holyrood through the “safety net” of the regional list system has been launched.

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Failure to plan long-term has led to NHS staffing crisis. Picture: Jayne Wright

Failure to plan long-term has led to NHS staffing ‘crisis’

A failure to plan for the long-term future of the NHS in Scotland has led to a staffing “crisis” as the service struggles to recuit senior medics and nurses, a report by the public spending watchdog has found.

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Kezia Dugdale has fought her corner but last week faced accusations she held back the UK effort. Picture: Neil Hanna

Scott Macnab: Kezia Dugdale fights for ‘Scottish’ voice

The Scots Labour leader was stung by claims that election gains are down to the Corbyn effect, says Scott Macnab

Nicola Sturgeons reading challenge has been taken up by about 75 per cent of schools in its first year. Picture: Lisa Ferguson

Reading standards in Scotland falling behind UK, study warns

Scottish pupils rank among the poorest in the UK nations when it comes to improvements in reading, according to new research.

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Syrian refugee families arrive at their new homes in Scotland. Picture: Getty Images

Scotland takes 1,800 Syrian refugees over last two years

Scotland has welcomed more than a quarter of all Syrian refugees who have arrived in the UK in the past two years, it has emerged.

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The Scottish Government does process rows - thats their speciality, said Scottish Secretary David Mundell.

Scott Macnab: devolution crisis looming over Brexit repeal bill

The absence of any powers for Holyrood in the Great Repeal Bill has Nationalists agitating, writes Scott Macnab

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Kezia Dugdale said offering pub tenants the chance to opt out. Picture: Scott Louden

Scottish Labour in call to give drinkers more choice in pubs

Plans to give Scots drinkers more choice in pubs, and free landlords from the shackles of big firms, will be stepped up by Labour leader Kezia Dugdale today.

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Keith Brown will be boosted by the fall in unemployment

Scotland’s unemployment rate falls to 25-year low

Scotland’s economic turnaround was boosted again yesterday as the jobless rate fell to a 25-year low.

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Roseanna Cunningham wants guarantees over nuclear safety

Holyrood raises concerns over nuclear safety post-Brexit

The Scottish Government has today raised fears about nuclear safety over the prospect of the UK withdrawing from Europe's atomic watchdog.

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A Reclaim the Internet campaign aims to cut down abuse and ensure all voices can be heard online.

Scott Macnab: Leaders must set example to fight social media abuse

Extremist language from political leaders on social media erodes our values as the masses join in, writes Scott Macnab.

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Kezia Dugdale unveiled the party's industrial strategy today

Labour unveils plans for a 48-hour cap on working week

Plans for a 48-hour cap on the working week in Scotland have been put forward by Labour to tackle a culture of “long hours and job monotony”.

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The scandal over school buildings faults in Edinburgh appears to be just the tip of the iceberg. Picture: PA

Scott Macnab: Act now to avoid Scotland’s Grenfell

The failings in building standards has left Scots schools and hospitals at the mercy of the wind, writes Scott Macnab

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