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Theresa May: Saving UK will be ‘personal priority’

Theresa May has told Scots she will “never let the UK drift apart” and refused to put any timescale on the current block being lifted on a second independence referendum.

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Kezia Dugdale is facing possible legal action over comments she made in a newspaper column. Picture: John Devlin

Wings Over Scotland demands £10k over Kezia Dugdale column

Labour leader Kezia Dugdale is being sued for £10,000 by a pro-independence blogger after she accused him of “homophobic” abuse.

Dr Rowena Arshad, Head of Moray House School of Education appears before Holyrood's Education and Skills Committee. Picture: Andrew Cowan/Scottish Parliament

Calls for reading and basic maths tests for new teachers

Trainee teachers should be made to sit new tests in numeracy and literacy before being allowed in the classroom, Tory leader Ruth Davidson has said.

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Nicola Sturgeon has taken some stick over which side she would be on during Brexit negotiations. Picture: PA

Scott Macnab: Seat at Brexit table seems pipe dream for Sturgeon

The First Minister’s main agenda will clash with the realpolitick needed during Brexit talks writes Scott Macnab

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Ruth Davidson: SNP guilty of "Orwellian" nationalism

Ruth Davidson has accused the SNP of pursuing “Orwellian” Nationalism in an unprecedented attack on the party as it marks the 10th anniversary of seizing power in Scotland.

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Scots fishing leaders say in the industry can flourish after Brexit

Scots fishing leaders reject Sturgeon’s claims of “sell-out”

Nicola Sturgeon has been accused of making “unfounded claims” of a UK government sell-out of fishermen after they were dismissed by industry leaders in Scotland.

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Scottish Green Party co-convener Patrick Harvie. Picture: Getty

Scottish Greens deny election plan to prop-up SNP vote

The Scottish Greens have been forced to deny claims the party is standing aside to help the SNP in a “Yes Alliance” against the Conservatives.

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Patrick Harvies Green Party may have lost credibility with its decision to field only 10 general election candidates. Picture: John Devlin

Scott Macnab: Greens left facing a credibility gap

While seen by many as a credible left-wing voice, the party’s decision not to challenge SNP may backfire, writes Scott Macnab

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Scotland could have stayed in both the EU and the UK, according to EU legal experts. Picture: AFP/Getty Images

Scotland ‘could have stayed in EU and UK’ post-Brexit

Scotland could have stayed in the  EU after Brexit, while also remaining part of the UK, a European legal chief has said.

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Nationalist MSP Alex Neil showed younger colleagues how to hold public figures to account at Holyrood.

Scott Macnab: MSPs have duty above party orders

Veteran Nationalist Alex Neil’s example shows how MSPs’ duty as parliamentarians matters, writes Scott Macnab.

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New poll shows drop in support for Scottish independence

Nicola Sturgeon has claimed the forthcoming general election is not about independence as a new poll indicates that support for a Yes vote is weakening.

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Jeremy Corbyn refuses to answer questions from media

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn today refused to answer questions from the media after a speech to the STUC in Aviemore today.

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Nicola Sturgeon: Election is a straight fight between SNP and Tories

Nicola Sturgeon will today warn that the Tories will do “anything they want” to Scotland if they makes sweeping gains in the forthcoming general election.

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Independence ‘reckless’ amid new UK-dependent jobs figures

The prospect of a second independence referendum has been branded “reckless” after new figures revealed that more than half a million Scottish jobs rely on the country’s economic links with the UK.

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Former MP Jo Swinson will contest her old East Dunbartonshire seat. Picture: John Devlin

Jo Swinson to fight East Dunbartonshire seat for Lib Dems

Former UK Business minister Jo Swinson has announced that she is to fight the East Dunbartonshire seat for the Liberal Democrats in the forthcoming election.

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Nicola Sturgeon's attempts to make a case for independence will be undermined if the Scottish economy shows no upturn. Picture: Getty Images

Scott Macnab: Nicola Sturgeon must face economic slump

Politicking over a second referendum is ignoring the real problems facing Scotland’s economy says Scott Macnab

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Rebecca Jeynes says she is suffering 'discrimination'.

End the discrimination against English, pleads law student

An English student seeking to settle in Scotland as a lawyer says she is suffering “discrimination” at the hands of the student support system north of the Border.

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Former Coatbridge College principal John Doyle, who secured a �304,000 payout.

Scottish Government in crackdown on ‘golden goodbye’ deals

A crackdown on lucrative taxpayer-funded “golden goodbye” deals for public sector workers in Scotland is being considered by the Scottish Government.

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First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and Prime Minister Theresa May. Picture: Contributed

Nicola Sturgeon slams May over benefits ‘rape clause’

Nicola Sturgeon launched a stinging attack on Theresa May over “disgusting” plans to introduce a so-called “rape clause” to the welfare benefits system at a conference in New York last night.

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