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Brian Wilson: Venezuela is a tragedy, not an opportunity to score domestic political points

Unlike most who have developed a recent self-certainty about Venezuela, I can find it on the map and share in the clichés of neither right nor left about the origins of its present plight.

Opinion 18
In 1916, the House of Lords heard that sons and daughters of Lewis crofters get a secondary education at the Nicolson Institute in Stornoway and go out into the world to become teachers, doctors, lawyers and ministers

Brian Wilson: Did Scotland’s golden age of education exist?

Lewis was seen as a metaphor for Scotland’s ‘best education system in the world’ as the island produced exceptional results. But did such a golden age ever really exist, asks Brian Wilson

Opinion 25
Centricas chief executive Iain Conn inadvertantly walked into a media minefield when he gave a briefing. Picture: Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

Brian Wilson: The unvarnished truth is more revealing than PR

I spoke to a roomful of media students recently and asked them what they wanted to do after graduating. For a true believer in the importance of the printed word, the response was not encouraging.

Opinion 13
Lord McCluskey prevented Holyrood getting the power to sack judges

Brian Wilson: A salute to Lord McCluskey

I first met John McCluskey 40-odd years ago when he represented local objectors at the Drumbuie public inquiry – an epic exercise in determining whether a crofting village should be wiped out in the short-term interests of building concrete oil platforms.

Opinion 8
David Davis is embroiled in Brexit talks. Picture; Getty

Brian Wilson: The challenge is not to stop Brexit but to shape it

There is something touchingly olde-worlde about 60 members of Scotland’s illuminati solemnly signing a letter which demands that “the Brexit process must stop now”! One can only imagine how many phone calls, e-mails and refinements of text were required to achieve the finished work.

Opinion 30
ScottishPower chairman Ignacio Galan greets Nicola Sturgeon at the official opening of the firms new Glasgow HQ. Picture: PA

Brian Wilson: Are our electricity suppliers acting in Scotland’s interests?

I acted with uncharacteristic decisiveness this week. After ten years of reflection, I embarked on switching electricity suppliers, in common with more than 400,000 other people this month.

Opinion 23
Even if the North Sea goose no longer lays golden eggs, it still sustains jobs, says Brian Wilson

Brian Wilson: We dodged a North Sea bullet with No vote

It is impossible to avoid the conclusion that Scotland avoided a devastating financial bullet after the Scottish Government’s 2013 oil revenue projections, argues Brian Wilson.

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DUP MP Jeffrey Donaldson and Tory Chief Whip Gavin Williamson sign the deal in Downing Street watched by Arlene Foster, her deputy Nigel Dodds, Theresa May and First Secretary of State Damian Green. Picture: Getty

Brian Wilson: Nothing dodgy about the DUP deal

It is tempting to think that, on the way out the door, Theresa May’s purged ­advisers took revenge by implanting one final bad idea: “Prime Minister, you absolutely have to do that deal with the DUP.”

Opinion 24
John Swinney prefers  to focus on 'governance' rather than 'budget cuts and staffing issues'. Picture: PA

Brian Wilson: The SNP are great at asking for your views – but nobody’s listening

The Scottish ­Government are big on consultations. You name it, they’ll ­consult on it. At present, you can have your say on anything from ­cremation costs to Improved ­Parking in Scotland.

Opinion 70
Scottish National Party Leader Nicola Sturgeon poses in front of SNP MPs elected in the general election Picture:Taylor/Getty Images

Brian Wilson: Liberation day for Scots fed up of indyref2

Last Thursday’s general election confirmed the political mortality of the SNP and a shift in Scottish politics, writes Brian Wilson.

Opinion 161
Jeremy Corbyn waves as he leaves the Labour party headquarters in London. Picture: SWNS

Brian Wilson: Don’t mistake honourable defeat for electability

Theresa May and Nicola Sturgeon have the same bitter lesson to digest – do not take the voters for granted. By assuming their own invincibility, both have incurred calamitous outcomes which raise questions about their own futures.

General Election 11
First Minister Nicola Sturgeon speaks during the launch of the SNP General Election manifesto at Perth Concert Hall. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Picture date: Tuesday May 30, 2017. See PA ELECTION stories. Photo credit should read: Jane Barlow/PA Wire

Brian Wilson: stop the indyref2 ‘long game’, fix Scotland

It’s time to move beyond identity politics by ripping up the rulebook for Nicola Sturgeon’s ‘long game’, writes Brian Wilson.

Opinion 37
Theresa May has made a dramatic U-turn on her manifesto policy on social care. Picture: Toby Melville/Getty Images

Brian Wilson: Another Theresa May U-turn raises eyebrows

Our eyebrows are raised as ministerial expectations drop after another U-turn by Theresa May, writes Brian Wilson.

Opinion 21
Kezia Dugdale's decision to suspend Aberdeen councillors was dunderheaded, says Brian Wilson. Picture: John Devlin.

Brian Wilson: If parties work well together to serve communities, get on with it

It is hardly unknown for politicians to rely on shortness of memories but decency requires some restraints in the interests of credibility. Nicola Sturgeon’s demand for a place at the Brexit negotiating table breaches any such convention.

Opinion 28
Leader Ruth Davidson launches the Scottish Conservatives' general election campaign. Picture: SWNS.

Brian Wilson: ‘Tory-free Scotland’ an appeal past its sell-by date

The SNP are the party of austerity and skewed priorities, it should not be surprising if voters conclude it is time to create SNP-free zones, writes Brian Wilson.

Opinion 81
A mass outdoor rendition of Gerry Rafferty's classic Baker Street in Paisley.

Brian Wilson: Chance to follow Paisley pattern and back a local vision

Next week’s local elections have more or less disappeared into the morass of general election coverage and tedious referendum speculation.

Opinion 10
Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson listen to Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon making a statement on BREXIT to MSP's in the debating chamber at the Scottish Parliament in the Edinburgh.

Brian Wilson: Expect more words about ‘respect’ this election

And verily, it came to pass, that temptation for the vicar’s daughter was just too great. With a 21-point lead in the polls, high-minded principle gave way to mortal opportunism with impressive alacrity.

News 54
Local issues should be at the heart of next month's council elections, not the constitutional politics. Picture: John Devlin

Brian Wilson: Empty shops are a concern, not indyref2

It seems some of our politicians are determined council elections should be fought over whether there should be another independence referendum, writes Brian Wilson.

Opinion 70
Critics would claim Nicola Sturgeons referendum theatricals are not in anyones interest. Picture: Andrew Milligan/PA Wire

Brian Wilson: Permanent cacophony of grievance from SNP

I have observed little ­evidence of our First Minister doing humour, far less self-deprecation, so we must assume that her complaint about the UK government making “a leap in the dark” was not consciously satirical.

Opinion 152
Pro-Brexit demonstrators gather outside the Houses of Parliament in November last year. Picture: Jack Taylor/Getty Images

Brian Wilson: What the public wanted was not on the EU ballot paper

In times past, I was the recipient of many cheery greetings from London bobbies manning the entrance to New Palace Yard. My memories are of decent, helpful people doing their vital job with a bit of banter and minimum of fuss.

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