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Scott Macnab: Lessons to be learned on education

Scotland has a proud history as a world-leading nation in education. This country was among the first to effectively pioneer schooling for all with the emergence of the first church schools in the Middle Ages. Our ancient universities which emerged towards the end of 15th century are among the oldest in the world. Even after the Act of the Union in 1707, Scottish education, like the judiciary, remained distinctive from the regime elsewhere in the UK.

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The status quo is not an option for schooling said education secretary John Swinney. Picture: Contributed

Damning school inspection report ‘shows change needed’

A damning inspection report into schooling provision in Scotland underlines the need for radical measures to overhaul the system, education secretary John Swinney has said.

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MSPs leave the main chamber at the Scottish Parliament after the session was suspended. Picture: PA

Indyref2 vote on hold after Scottish Parliament suspended

The Scottish Parliament was suspended amid bitter exchanges halfway through a flagship debate on a second independence referendum following the attack on Westminster.

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The campaign group No To Named Persons pressed home its message at a conference Edinburgh this week.

Scott Macnab: Battle over Named Person scheme re-opens

Plans to bring back controversial Named Person plans will spark another messy clash, says Scott Macnab

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Jim Sillars thinks the Scottish Government should drop their Named Person scheme. Picture: SWNS

SNP should ‘do a Hammond’ over Named Person scheme - Sillars

The government has been urged to abandon moves to bring back plans for a named person for all children in Scotland.

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Teacher may be taught via video link. Picture: Ian Georgeson

Plans for video link lessons to deal with teacher shortage

Pupils could be taught by video link in an effort to deal with teacher shortages in Scotland’s classrooms, education secretary John Swinney has suggested.

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Jim Sillars says "hard Brexit" is unlikely

Jim Sillars dismisses Nicola Sturgeon's ‘hard Brexit’ fears

Nicola Sturgeon's case for a second independence referendum on the basis of a so called "hard Brexit" has been dismissed by former deputy SNP leader Jim Sillars who says the UK and EU will strike a free trade deal.

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Indyref2: Tories attack SNP over ‘deceitful proposition’

Nicola Sturgeon was accused of a “deceitful proposition” in seeking a second independence referendum while a majority of Scots oppose it as she came under fresh pressure from opponents yesterday over the constitutional impasse.

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Nicola Sturgeon in the Scottish Parliament. Picture: AFP/Getty Images

Indyref2: Sturgeon ‘determined’ poll will be held in 2 years

Nicola Sturgeon has warned she is “determined” a second independence referendum will be held in the next two years and that the “will of the Scottish Parliament” is respected.

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Nicola Sturgeon: indyref2 refusal seals ‘fate of the union’

Nicola Sturgeon has warned that the “fate of the union” may have been sealed by Theresa May’s refusal to allow a second Scottish independence referendum in the next two years.

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Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson and Secretary of State for Scotland David Mundell. Picture: PA

Ruth Davidson: Indyref2 now ‘unfair to Scottish voters’

Nicola Sturgeon’s proposal for a second independence referendum has been rejected by the UK Government because it is “unfair to Scottish voters”, Ruth Davidson said today.

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Sadiq Khan equating nationalism with racism has merit in some cases but was unfair on the SNP, says Scott Macnab. Picture: Getty Images

Scott Macnab: SNP has dealt with identity politics

London mayor Sadiq Khan made a bungled and ill-advised intervention in Scottish politics, writes Scott Macnab

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Nationalists and their pro-union opponents would face a different set of arguments a second time around. Picture: Jane Barlow/PA

Scott Macnab: Indyref2 poses new arguments

Scotland’s political landscape has changed since 2014 and both sides must adapt to this, says Scott Macnab.

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Nicola Sturgeon celebrates SNP success during the 2012 Scottish local election count in Glasgow. Picture: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

Scott Macnab: Who’s left to stand up to Holyrood?

The SNP is poised to seize control of town halls but opposition to diktat from Edinburgh may suffer, writes Scott MacNab

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The hospitality industry in Scotland fears lay-offs and closures after an overhaul of business rates

Scott Macnab: Tax hike that could break Scots firms

As Scotland’s economy struggles, a huge increase in business tax is grim news for companies says Scott Macnab

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Former First Minister Jack McConnell believes it was a mistake to move away from adversarial politics. Picture: Andrew Cowan

Scott Macnab: No-one holding Holyrood to account

Scottish Parliament’s bid to avoid Westminster’s ‘us and them’ politics has fallen short in key areas writes Scott Macnab

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The cost of scrapping redundant oil rigs could wipe out future North Sea tax revenues.

Scott Macnab: SNP faces a ‘post-oil’ financial dilemma

Scottish Government needs to come up with an economic case for independence which looks beyond fossil fuels, says Scott Macnab

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MPs from the Environmental Audit Committee have told the government that major new field tests should be done before any genetically modified crops are allowed to be grown commercially in Britain.

Scott Macnab: SNP must be open to science in GM food debate

The prospect of a new generation of genetically modified (GM) crops trials in the UK is generating much excitement among the scientific community. Decades have passed since those early fears over so-called “Frankenfoods” emerged and the direct action protests of campaigners fearing the health impact. And while scepticism remains, proponents south of the Border feel it’s time once again to give public opinion a shake on this issue.

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Health Secretary Shona Robinson can expect to receive a tough time from the opposition over centralisation of NHS services.

Scott Macnab: Our politicians are not facing up to cutbacks

The SNP’s historic election victory in 2007 which saw the party take power for the first time was built on a platform of protecting the NHS in Scotland. As the incumbent Labour/Liberal Democrat administration pressed ahead with plans to close A&E services in Ayrshire and Lanarkshire, Alex Salmond pledged to keep them open and the principle of “localism” came to lie at the heart of the incoming Nationalist administration.

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The UK's economy has fallen behind India's for the first time in more than a century following June's Brexit vote.  Picture: Neil Hanna

Scott Macnab: Scotland torn between two unions

Nicola Sturgeon’s post-Brexit strategy puts Scotland’s place in the UK in doubt again, writes Scott Macnab

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