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Lesley Riddoch: Fears nursing shortage is hitting health care

Not being able to attract enough nurses because of poor pay and conditions has a knock-on effect, writes Lesley Riddoch

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Women for Independance launch a weekend of campaigning ahead of the 2014 referendum.

Lesley Riddoch: Indyref will be different this time round

In the aftermath of last week’s momentous announcements by Nicola Sturgeon and Theresa May one interview in particular stuck in my mind.

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As soon as Theresa May triggers Article 50, Nicola Sturgeon should announce that another referendum is on. Picture: Lisa McPhillips

Lesley Riddoch: Indyref2 is the only answer now

We all knew the trigger point would happen soon, so our First Minister must respond just as quickly, writes Lesley Riddoch.

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Lesley Riddoch: May is playing with fire by attacking SNP

Lesley Riddoch: May is playing with fire by attacking SNP

Theresa May has clearly decided the best form of defence is attack.

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Well-known faces like Sally Magnusson are likely targets for the new BBC Scottish channel

Lesley Riddoch: is new Scottish BBC channel destined to fail?

Can the arrival of 
£31 million and 80 new journalist jobs for a new, dedicated Scottish BBC TV 
channel be anything other than very good news? Yes, it can, if the flagship news programme is already destined to fail.

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British Prime Minister Theresa May. Picture: Getty

Lesley Riddoch: Big Sister Theresa May is watching

The UK is facing some of the most extreme surveillance in the history of western democracy, writes Lesley Riddoch

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Isabella Lovin, left, signs a proposal for Swedens new climate law in an all-woman photo in a swipe at Trump . Picture: AP

Lesley Riddoch: Donald Trump’s might is not right

WE don’t have to stick with Trump’s United States just because we are historic allies, writes Lesley Riddoch

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Lesley Riddoch: How to battle Trump beyond protest and petition

Lesley Riddoch: How to battle Trump beyond protest and petition

Donald Trump is an international disgrace.

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Test firing of a Trident missile. Picture: MoD Crown Copyright/PA Wire

Lesley Riddoch: Missile misfire in more ways than one

The Trident troubles and Trump presidency should trigger a complete re-think on our defence, writes Lesley Riddoch

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Nicola Sturgeon.

Lesley Riddoch: This may be week indyref2 becomes inevitable

What are the prospects for indyref2 being announced in 2017? After Nicola Sturgeon’s feisty performance on the Andrew Marr show, I’d say fairly high.

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Picture: PA

Lesley Riddoch: Do you handle booze or does it handle you?

The festivities are over. Work beckons.

Over recent days, thousands of Scots have “had a good time” or “got oot their faces”, providing images of chaos, fights, staggering home and sleeping in bins for the edification of the finger-wagging unco guid and N’er Day tabloids.

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A  view of Koltur island  from the harbour basin of Midvagur in the  Faroe Islands.. Pciture: Getty Images

Lesley Riddoch: Let Faroes be our inspiration

Nicola Sturgeon’s Brexit options paper has clearly made a mark. One indication is the number of erstwhile political rivals supporting the tone and objectives of the First Minister’s proposal for a separate Scottish EU deal. Former Labour MSP for Leith Malcolm Chisholm tweeted: “I can’t find anything in ScotGov Brexit Plan to disagree with and hope all parties will get behind it.”

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Middle class white children have no entitlement to go to university and universities need to widen access. Picture: Jane Barlow

Lesley Riddoch: University quotas can’t fix economic inequality

There are dangers in regarding a university education as the essence of a dependable, well-rounded citizen, writes Lesley Riddoch

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Donalda MacKinnon.

Lesley Riddoch: Donalda Mackinnon must rebuild trust in BBC Scotland

It may not be the biggest media decision of the week – after all Theresa May must soon act to block Rupert Murdoch’s proposed takeover of Sky TV or let the media mogul add control of satellite TV to his clutch of Fleet Street newspapers.

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Gina Miller won a legal challenge that Article 50 cannot be triggered without a decision by parliament. Picture: Getty Images

Lesley Riddoch: Irish allies may be key to Scotland’s Brexit hopes

The First Minister’s derided visit to the Republic may prove to be very astute, writes Lesley Riddoch

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Leonardo diCaprio with  social entrepreneur Josh Littlejohn at Home, the new pay it forward restaurant. Picture: Getty Images

Lesley Riddoch: Creeping centralisation is threatening local democracy in Scotland

Donald Trump, Brexit, Aleppo, recession and a wages slump.

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The Monarch of the Glen is an oil-on-canvas painting of a red deer stag completed in 1851 by the English painter Sir Edwin Landseer

Lesley Riddoch: Monarch of the Glen a real opportunity

Plans to save the picture for the nation don’t have to reinforce its image as the preserve of the elite, writes Lesley Riddoch

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Nicola Sturgeon is handing more control to headteachers.

Lesley Riddoch: Time to reform Scotland’s unloved councils

The Scottish Government plans to “transfer” £100m of council tax spending directly to schools. It’s a bold, populist move that will bypass structures of local governance but probably succeed for the same reason Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton last week.

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Gina Miller speaks to the media at the High Court in London after three judges ruled against the Prime Minister's decision to trigger Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty and start the UK's exit from the European Union without the prior authority of Parliament. Picture: PA

Lesley Riddoch: Sturgeon being left behind in Brexit legal fight

Should the Scottish Government try to piggyback the Brexit case moving to the Supreme Court this week or should Nicola Sturgeon leave well alone? Actually the First Minister may have no alternative but to get stuck in.

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Theresa May is meeting with First Minister Nicola Sturgeon today. Picture: Getty

Lesley Riddoch: Why can’t Scots get special EU deal?

THERESA May’s one-size-fits-all approach to Brexit doesn’t seem to apply to anywhere else, writes Lesley Riddoch.

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