Lesley Riddoch

Lesley Riddoch: Lib Dems may have something to offer after all

The Lib Dems are tainted by coalition but they may have something to offer after all, reckons Lesley Riddoch

Opinion 60
Prime MInister Tony Blair in Parliament Square, Edinburgh, the morning after the referendum on Scottish devolution which was a decisive Yes Yes

Lesley Riddoch: Blair’s immigration plan is far from liberal

The ex-prime minister’s intervention shows how the immigration debate has become poisoned, writes Lesley Riddoch

Opinion 32
Livingston under construction, 1964. The creation of New Towns was opposed by the Tories after the war.

Lesley Riddoch: New Towns can’t solve Scotland’s housing problems

It’s crazy to think our housing needs can only be delivered in large dormitory-like estates, says Lesley Riddoch

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Alex Salmond is back in the headlines with his high-profile festival show and a prediction that Scotland will be independent in four years. Picture: Greg Macvean

Lesley Riddoch: Has Alex Salmond got it right this time?

The former First Minister is hardly a flawless tipster but independence in four years can’t be ruled out says Lesley Riddoch

Chief Constable Phil Gormley is facing investigation over alleged bullying

Lesley Riddoch: What is wrong at Police Scotland

Does the cluster of problems around Police Scotland suggest it’s time to rethink the single force strategy?

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Supporters wave pro-independence Catalan flags in Barcelona.  Picture: Getty Images

Lesley Riddoch: Catalan independence movement poses dilemma for SNP

The choice between Madrid and Barcelona is one that all political leaders will soon face, writes Lesley Riddoch.

The Grenfell Tower inferno aftermath has exposed the underlying failings of Britains marketised, Del Boy society. Picture: Getty

Lesley Riddoch: SNP must show Scottish way of doing things

So the UK government will end the historic anomaly that’s let five European states fish our inshore waters. Hooray. It may also scrap the public sector pay freeze and university tuition fees in England.

The Folkemodet festival of politics on the Danish island of Bornholm

Lesley Riddoch: Danes lead the way in political participation

When it comes to public participation in politics a Danish island is leading the way, writes Lesley Riddoch.


Lesley Riddoch: Election exposed weakness of political system

As Westminster prepares for an uncertain future, it is time to review the whole system, argues Lesley Riddoch.


Lesley Riddoch: Has Scotland reached ‘peak independence’?

Does the General Election result mean an end to prospects of a second independence referendum?

Two women hug after bringing flowers to add to tributes laid on the north side of London Bridge following last night's terrorist incident. Picture: David Mirzoeff/PA Wire

Lesley Riddoch: Focus must remain on democracy

Clearly almost everyone on these islands is in a different emotional space after the shocking London Bridge attack. But are we in a different political place too?

Orkney has Scotland's highest level of fuel poverty beside Scotland's greatest wind and marine energy potential (pro rata), writes Lesley Riddoch. Picture: Donald MacLeod

Lesley Riddoch: Energy policy is vital to Scotland, but it’s being ignored

It may be a pious hope, but will the resumed general election campaign in Scotland finally tackle Westminster issues?

Tory plans to end the pensions triple lock and demand contributions for social care may cost it dear at the polls. Picture: Adrian Dennis

Lesley Riddoch: Theresa May hands OAP ammunition to SNP

IF Theresa May thought pensioners would be a soft touch, she’s very very wrong, writes Lesley Riddoch.

General Election
Back in 1974, only eight EU countries had grazing rights in Scottish waters. Now that number is 28.

Lesley Riddoch: Fishing rights could slip through net

Leaving EU does not necessarily mean Scottish waters will then belong to our fishermen alone, writes Lesley Riddoch

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon arrives with SNP Councillor Susan Aitken at the Emirates Stadium in Glasgow. Picture: John Linton/PA Wire

Lesley Riddoch: Peak SNP? I dinnae think so

Do the council elections prove Scotland has reached peak SNP? asks Lesley Riddoch

What lies behind the headlines of right-wing ascendancy. Picture: Getty

Lesley Riddoch: False assertion of right-wing invincibility

Assertions of right-wing invincibility must be challenged, writes Lesley Riddoch

Prime Minister Theresa May. Picture: Getty Images

Lesley Riddoch: May won’t get completely free run

Are weekend polls which forecast the election of between eight and 12 Tory MPs in Scotland accurate or wide of the mark?

Whether to give opponents a low preference or no preference at all on the ballot paper is a key issue for some voters in the forthcoming council elections.

Lesley Riddoch: Tactical battle over election strategy

The SNP and Greens face a dilemma over whether to use their preference votes in next month’s ballot, writes Lesley Riddoch

Taxpayer-funded golden handshakes for public sector workers have been the cause of a row. Picture: Getty Images/Purestock

Lesley Riddoch: Local democracy needs a hand

Politics on a local level is made to seem like an expensive luxury but it doesn’t have to be that way, says Lesley Riddoch

Gibraltar and its 30,000 inhabitants already have a hugely powerful parliament, writes Lesley Riddoch. Picture: Creative Commons

Lesley Riddoch: Gibraltar row makes Scottish EU case stronger

Possible deals for Ireland or the Rock can only lead Scots to join the queue for special treatment, writes Lesley Riddoch.

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