Lesley Riddoch

Lesley Riddoch: Theresa May hands OAP ammunition to SNP

IF Theresa May thought pensioners would be a soft touch, she’s very very wrong, writes Lesley Riddoch.

General Election 97
Back in 1974, only eight EU countries had grazing rights in Scottish waters. Now that number is 28.

Lesley Riddoch: Fishing rights could slip through net

Leaving EU does not necessarily mean Scottish waters will then belong to our fishermen alone, writes Lesley Riddoch

Opinion 43
First Minister Nicola Sturgeon arrives with SNP Councillor Susan Aitken at the Emirates Stadium in Glasgow. Picture: John Linton/PA Wire

Lesley Riddoch: Peak SNP? I dinnae think so

Do the council elections prove Scotland has reached peak SNP? asks Lesley Riddoch

Opinion 254
What lies behind the headlines of right-wing ascendancy. Picture: Getty

Lesley Riddoch: False assertion of right-wing invincibility

Assertions of right-wing invincibility must be challenged, writes Lesley Riddoch

Prime Minister Theresa May. Picture: Getty Images

Lesley Riddoch: May won’t get completely free run

Are weekend polls which forecast the election of between eight and 12 Tory MPs in Scotland accurate or wide of the mark?

Opinion 25
Whether to give opponents a low preference or no preference at all on the ballot paper is a key issue for some voters in the forthcoming council elections.

Lesley Riddoch: Tactical battle over election strategy

The SNP and Greens face a dilemma over whether to use their preference votes in next month’s ballot, writes Lesley Riddoch

Opinion 47
Taxpayer-funded golden handshakes for public sector workers have been the cause of a row. Picture: Getty Images/Purestock

Lesley Riddoch: Local democracy needs a hand

Politics on a local level is made to seem like an expensive luxury but it doesn’t have to be that way, says Lesley Riddoch

Opinion 32
Gibraltar and its 30,000 inhabitants already have a hugely powerful parliament, writes Lesley Riddoch. Picture: Creative Commons

Lesley Riddoch: Gibraltar row makes Scottish EU case stronger

Possible deals for Ireland or the Rock can only lead Scots to join the queue for special treatment, writes Lesley Riddoch.

Opinion 155
Care for patients across Scotlands National Health Service is being compromised by a shortage of nurses. Picture: Getty Images

Lesley Riddoch: Fears nursing shortage is hitting health care

Not being able to attract enough nurses because of poor pay and conditions has a knock-on effect, writes Lesley Riddoch

Opinion 37
Women for Independance launch a weekend of campaigning ahead of the 2014 referendum.

Lesley Riddoch: Indyref will be different this time round

In the aftermath of last week’s momentous announcements by Nicola Sturgeon and Theresa May one interview in particular stuck in my mind.

Opinion 165
As soon as Theresa May triggers Article 50, Nicola Sturgeon should announce that another referendum is on. Picture: Lisa McPhillips

Lesley Riddoch: Indyref2 is the only answer now

We all knew the trigger point would happen soon, so our First Minister must respond just as quickly, writes Lesley Riddoch.

Opinion 154
Lesley Riddoch: May is playing with fire by attacking SNP

Lesley Riddoch: May is playing with fire by attacking SNP

Theresa May has clearly decided the best form of defence is attack.

Opinion 666
Well-known faces like Sally Magnusson are likely targets for the new BBC Scottish channel

Lesley Riddoch: is new Scottish BBC channel destined to fail?

Can the arrival of 
£31 million and 80 new journalist jobs for a new, dedicated Scottish BBC TV 
channel be anything other than very good news? Yes, it can, if the flagship news programme is already destined to fail.

Opinion 103
British Prime Minister Theresa May. Picture: Getty

Lesley Riddoch: Big Sister Theresa May is watching

The UK is facing some of the most extreme surveillance in the history of western democracy, writes Lesley Riddoch

Opinion 44
Isabella Lovin, left, signs a proposal for Swedens new climate law in an all-woman photo in a swipe at Trump . Picture: AP

Lesley Riddoch: Donald Trump’s might is not right

WE don’t have to stick with Trump’s United States just because we are historic allies, writes Lesley Riddoch

Opinion 58
Lesley Riddoch: How to battle Trump beyond protest and petition

Lesley Riddoch: How to battle Trump beyond protest and petition

Donald Trump is an international disgrace.

Opinion 38
Test firing of a Trident missile. Picture: MoD Crown Copyright/PA Wire

Lesley Riddoch: Missile misfire in more ways than one

The Trident troubles and Trump presidency should trigger a complete re-think on our defence, writes Lesley Riddoch

Opinion 28
Nicola Sturgeon.

Lesley Riddoch: This may be week indyref2 becomes inevitable

What are the prospects for indyref2 being announced in 2017? After Nicola Sturgeon’s feisty performance on the Andrew Marr show, I’d say fairly high.

Opinion 109
Picture: PA

Lesley Riddoch: Do you handle booze or does it handle you?

The festivities are over. Work beckons.

Over recent days, thousands of Scots have “had a good time” or “got oot their faces”, providing images of chaos, fights, staggering home and sleeping in bins for the edification of the finger-wagging unco guid and N’er Day tabloids.

Opinion 29
A  view of Koltur island  from the harbour basin of Midvagur in the  Faroe Islands.. Pciture: Getty Images

Lesley Riddoch: Let Faroes be our inspiration

Nicola Sturgeon’s Brexit options paper has clearly made a mark. One indication is the number of erstwhile political rivals supporting the tone and objectives of the First Minister’s proposal for a separate Scottish EU deal. Former Labour MSP for Leith Malcolm Chisholm tweeted: “I can’t find anything in ScotGov Brexit Plan to disagree with and hope all parties will get behind it.”

Opinion 106
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